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Kate Haas

Kate Haas, Senior Editor

Kate Haas is a senior at South Forsyth High School and this is her third year writing for The Bird Feed. She has previously worked as the features editor and will spend her final year as senior editor. Her favorite pastimes include reading, writing, and watching movies and TV shows. She aspires to one day live in New York City and to travel the world. Kate is looking forward to this year on The Bird Feed and cannot wait to see what exciting articles she will write. You can contact her at [email protected] or through her Twitter, @khbirdfeed

Stay home. As a result of health officials recommending physical distancing, many streets and buildings are empty. Many doctors and others believe that physical distancing is the key to slow the transmission of COVID-19.

Six Feet Apart

Kate Haas and Shree Delwadia April 3, 2020

As many individuals are affected by these unforeseen circumstances, the key to returning to our normal schedules is by working together. As current statistics show, the number of COVID-19 cases in the...

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Devoted team player hustling through a game. Senior Isabel Hui had a lot of pressure this season as being the most experienced at school softball and leading the rest of the varsity team. However, her leadership helped Souths softball team reach new heights like never before, winning 2nd place in regionals this year.

Senior Spotlight: Isabel Hui

Kate Haas and Minakshi Shivananda December 18, 2019

Isabel Hui, the only senior on South’s Varsity Softball team, hit strides this year as she led the team in winning against undefeated teams such as North Forsyth and Allatoona. Her endeavor and zeal...

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Alleviating stress or causing more? Many students count on that 20% that the EOC brings to boost their class average since the test is not as challenging as AP Exams. I have seen more anxiety as a result of this change.” said Ms. Hunt. Many students regarded the EOC as a grade booster.

AP and IB students no longer have to take EOC

Kate Haas, Senior Editor December 18, 2019

The Georgia Board of Education recently approved the State’s School Superintendent Richard Wood’s advisement to no longer require AP (Advanced Placement) and IB (International Baccalaureate) students...

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Dancing the Zorba. At the Greek festival, the Nicholas and Irene Greek Dance Troupe entertained guests with traditional Greek dances. Greek music also accompanied their dance.

Shout “Opa!” to the Cumming Greek Festival

Kate Haas and Sierra Wamsley November 8, 2019

Polished jewelry varying from tent to tent lays out in the open with a shopkeeper lurking near. The mysterious smells of homemade gyros and baklava drifting fill the air. One step off the bus and the mix...

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Celebrating a win. Varsity team enjoys another win and celebrates with the team. The 2019 Varsity team worked hard throughout the season which was shown through their wins.

2019 Varsity Volleyball season wraps up

Dione Geiling and Kate Haas October 22, 2019

South’s varsity volleyball closed its 2019 season after finishing in the first round of state championships October 19th at Brookwood High School. Their season contained ups and downs with a 16-16 record....

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Vacation over Staycation

Kate Haas, Senior Editor October 14, 2019

After spending hours on a flight, crammed like sardines next to complete strangers, a passenger sees a city behind the clouds through the airplane window. The wheels touch the ground and the plane comes...

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Cathedral of Barcelona. The Catholic church is an important part of Spanish culture which is represented by the architecture found in the country. Traveling to different regions allows one to broaden their cultural perspective.

Point counterpoint: Staycation vs. Vacation

Kate Haas and Sadie Rawlings September 27, 2019

As school break approaches, students share their exciting plans. Some students pack up to travel to a new area while others spend their homework free time with friends. Whether staying at home or venturing...

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Getting ready to play. Danielle (left) and Kailyn Serbinski (right) pose for a picture before playing their last game of the 2019 season against West. Although South lost the game, they were determined to play their strongest till the second the buzzer blared, ending the game.

Girl’s varsity lacrosse: determined to improve

Kate Haas, Senior Editor April 25, 2019

On Tuesday, April 23rd, the South Forsyth girls varsity lacrosse team concluded their 2019 season. With a 4-8 record, South faced moments of triumph and defeat this spring. Starting from the beginning,...

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Remembering our past. Vietnam war veteran, Captain Beddingfield, talks with AP Lang students about his experience from the Vietnam war. Students listened to his stories and asked any questions that they had about his time in the war.

Vietnam war veteran shares stories with AP Lang classes

Sierra Wamsley and Kate Haas March 28, 2019

Students gather around, eager to hear the stories of Captain Beddingfield, a Vietnam war veteran. He shares his stories, as well as takes pictures with the students. His experiences seem completely foreign...

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Filled with anticipation. South Forsyths prom is approaching soon on Saturday, April 13th. Some students are preparing for the night by purchasing their dresses, often finding them to be overly expensive.

How to rock prom on a budget

Kate Haas, Senior Editor March 15, 2019

Students across America spend hours perfecting their hair and makeup, all hoping to turn heads with their stunning look. For many students, this is one of their last chances to bond with their high school...

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Literacy Day on display. Tuesday, March 12 marked the day South Forsyth High School partook in a day surrounding academic discourse and its importance in the classroom environment. Many classes participated in Socratic Seminars and class discussions.

More than a day for books: SFHS Literacy Day

Posters and wallpapers decorated the hallways advocating for Literacy Day on March 12th. Teachers and students have been preparing for this day to come, and now spectators are visiting classrooms and watching...

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Preparing for a new year. Ms. Hunt will take on the challenge of teaching the Mythology and Speech classes. She is excited for these semester-long classes and believes that they will become very popular among students.

New classes for a new school year

Alyssa Freyman, Sierra Wamsley, and Kate Haas March 5, 2019

As students come back to South in the fall, a lot of change will have occurred. New schedules, more challenging classes, and new literature classes. Some will be half semester classes, while others will...

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College is overrated

Kate Haas, Senior Editor December 10, 2018

When you ask a senior in high school what their plans are for the following year, their answer will most likely be college. In 1970, 53% of high school graduates enrolled in college. That number has increased...

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Currently, 69.7 percent of high school graduates enroll in a college or university. Less than 40 years ago, that number was only 50 percent.

Point-counterpoint: Is college worth it?

Sadie Rawlings and Kate Haas December 5, 2018

The bell rings and a sea of students race out of the school's doors. Each year, millions of seniors flock out of the high school hallways, never to return, and are left with the decision to head to college...

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Magic and wonder. Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald is the second installment of the Fantastic Beasts movie series. This movie poster displays two of the main characters: Albus Dumblemore and Newt Scamander.

Diving into the world of magic: Crimes of Grindelwald

Kate Haas, Senior Editor November 25, 2018

On the weekend of November 16th, fans lined up to see more of the magical universe J.K Rowling created in The Crimes of Grindelwald directed by David Yates - the sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to...

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Rho Kappa member makes a difference. Lucas Ramos Gimenez has been spreading the word about voting, trying to get his fellow students to get involved in local politics.

An interview with Lucas Ramos Gimenez

Alyssa Freyman and Kate Haas November 5, 2018

With midterm elections approaching, there is a constant debate of who is the best candidate. At this time of the year, there’s only one way to decide: voting. For the past few weeks, members of the Georgia...

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German foreign exchange, Lara Herrmann, gives a presentation to the journalism class on the popularity of Schlager Music in Germany.

German students take on SFHS

Students arrive at the Atlanta airport, 4,671 miles away from their homes in Leipzig, Germany. This is their first tour of America, visiting Washington, D.C. a couple of weeks before. They meet their student...

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Lefties make up about ten percent of the population.

Left-handed people in a right-handed world

Kate Haas, Senior Editor September 14, 2018

Some are living in a world where most of the hand tools humans use do not work as well. Scissors, notebooks, and desks are all a mystery. Using these items everyday is troubling, but most people are able...

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Transitioning from high school to college can often be a hectic and chaotic time. Below, a college student can find the perfect style for his or her dorm room.

Dorm room decorating made easy

Graduating seniors take a new and fresh step into the beginning of adulthood when attending college. Harder classes, new friends, tight money budgets, and less time for friends and family come with the...

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There are tons of amazing books you can read over the summer!

[Photo] Hot books to spice up your summer

Kate Haas, Senior Editor May 15, 2018

There are tons of amazing books you can read over the summer!

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The wall that Donal Trump is building will separate the US and Mexico and prevent illegal immigration.

Student voices on immigration

Erin Murtha and Kate Haas April 11, 2018

President Trump’s controversial immigration plan has brought a lot of mixed reactions throughout the country. Some say that it will force innocent, law-abiding immigrants out of their homes and into...

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Another Chapter Bookstore offers a variety of genres for every type of book lover. The store is open now for business.

Another Chapter Bookstore

Kate Haas, Senior Editor April 5, 2018

Book lovers all around Forsyth County were devastated when the locally owned bookstore Humpus Bumpus closed after nearly 30 years of business. Many students used Humpus Bumpus to obtain the books needed...

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Join the French Honor Society if youre interested in French culture.

Club Profile: French Honor Society

Kate Haas, Senior Editor February 16, 2018

The French Honor Society is an organization that focuses on expanding one's understanding of the French language and culture and is meant for those who have interests in French culture. To join this organization,...

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The beautiful snow covers the yard.

North Georgia Snow Day

Kate Haas, Senior Editor January 22, 2018

Last week, Forsyth County and other parts of North Georgia were blanketed with around one inch snow and ice. This weather event caused dangerous road conditions which led to the cancellation of school...

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Speaker Logan Weber opens up his presentation about setting and reaching goals in Souths Arena this morning. The Arena was packed with students, forcing the faculty to move the projector and screen  back and adjust the speakers rotation.

Finding the keys to success through the X-Factor

  Logan Weber, a motivational speaker and a Georgian, paid a visit to South Forsyth’s student body to speak about making goals and following through with them. As a public speaker, Mr. Weber...

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One of the many gifts you can buy for your friends or loved ones this holiday season. They are all twenty five dollars and below.

25 gifts under $25

Kate Haas, Lauren Bunker, and Daria Weber December 21, 2017

December is a flurry of midterms, so getting presentsfor the holidays can often slip someone's mind. So, The Bird Feed is here to help by researching gifts that are both available last-minute and under...

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Christmas is approaching and the official Christmas movie countdown is here. These are the staffs 12 top Christmas movies for this season.

Reviewing 12 days of Christmas movies

Alyssa Freyman, Kate Haas, Brittany Rodi, and Anna Hicks December 8, 2017

Four Christmases Summary: After avoiding their family Christmas for years by claiming to do charity work and escaping off to the coast, couple Brad (Vince Vaughn) and Kate’s (Reese Witherspoon)...

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Image featuring the covers of Tv shows: The Office, Riverdale, and Stranger Things. All of these shows are available on Netflix.

Most binge-worthy shows to watch this season

Alyssa Freyman, Kate Haas, and Brittany Rodi December 5, 2017

The Crown - Summary: The show follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) as she rules over Great Britain from the 1950s to the present. It is based on the award-winning play “The Audience”...

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During Thanksgiving, many different families coming from different parts of the world incorporate their culture into their Thanksgiving feast.

Untraditional Thanksgiving

Kate Haas, Senior Editor November 17, 2017

When most people think of Thanksgiving food, turkey, stuffing, green beans, and mashed potatoes might come to mind. However, other students families have a less traditional menu for their Thanksgiving...

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10th grade Literature and Composition teacher, Mrs. Reid, is happy to share her feelings about safe places.

[Photo] Safe places with Mrs. Reid

Sierra Wamsley, Editor-in-Chief November 15, 2017

10th grade Literature and Composition teacher, Mrs. Reid, is happy to share her feelings about safe places.

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This clock represents the circadian rhythm also known as the biological clock. It is important that we maintain a consistent circadian rhythm.

2017 Nobel Prize awarded in science and medicine

Kate Haas, Senior Editor November 10, 2017

American scientists Jeffrey C Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W Young won the 2017 science and medicine Nobel Prize award for making an important discovery about the body’s circadian rhythm and its...

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There are five different aspects of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) included in the curriculum.

Social Emotional Learning joins with Habitudes

Kate Haas, Senior Editor September 22, 2017

This year at South Forsyth, SFHS counselor, Corinna Spurlock has created a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) class for teachers to better understand their student's emotions. This class is directed towards...

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A 9th grade Biology teacher, Ms. Peace, is happy to share her feelings on safe places.

[Photo] Safe places with Ms. Peace

Sierra Wamsley, Editor-in-Chief September 19, 2017

A 9th grade Biology teacher, Ms. Peace, is happy to share her feelings on safe places.

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