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The Student News Site of South Forsyth High School

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The Student News Site of South Forsyth High School

The Bird Feed

Erin Murtha

Erin Murtha, Staff Writer


Erin Murtha is a freshman and is excited to be on The Bird Feed. You can see Erin spending her time at the lacrosse field, hiking, or swimming as she loves being active. She enjoys spending her Friday nights at South Football games and supporting her team. When she is not playing lacrosse or doing homework Erin enjoys hanging out with friends and watching Netflix. Her Netflix go to’s consist of Stranger Things, The Office, Riverdale, and White Collar or sometimes watching a good Disney classic. Her future plans include becoming an NFL news broadcaster or going into the medical field.

You can contact her at [email protected] or directly message me on twitter @emurthabirdfeed !


Lindsay Burnell has helped add beneficial aspects to our school.

Lindsay Burnell and her added development to South

Erin Murtha, Staff Writer May 14, 2018

While South Forsyth High School has always been creating new techniques, some staff members have made it a priority to develop strategies to help students at school. Counselor Lindsay Burnell has developed...

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The wall that Donal Trump is building will separate the US and Mexico and prevent illegal immigration.

Student voices on immigration

Erin Murtha and Kate Haas April 11, 2018

President Trump’s controversial immigration plan has brought a lot of mixed reactions throughout the country. Some say that it will force innocent, law-abiding immigrants out of their homes and into...

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The Bird Cage is located in the cafeteria and provides all sorts of attire and products for staff and students.

South’s The Bird Cage wins gold level certification

Erin Murtha, Staff Writer March 13, 2018

The Bird Cage has been recognized as an Outstanding School-based Enterprise. South Forsyth High School was named among 391 schools who received the Gold Level Certification. The school-based enterprise...

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17 orange balloons were released one at a time in memory of the students and teachers.

Students stand South strong in a walkout for Parkland

Anna Hicks and Erin Murtha March 2, 2018

  On February 21st, students from South Forsyth High School held a walkout to commemorate the 17 lives that were lost in the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  At exactly...

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Bucky (left) and Lola (right) are both dogs that have been adopted from the humane society and are now very happy living in their forever home.

The humane society in Forsyth

Erin Murtha, Staff Writer February 18, 2018

About 68% of American families own a pet and many people consider their animals members of the family. The Humane Society is an organization that was created to help find animals their forever homes. The...

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Cars can often swerve and off road when coming upon ice or snow, as pictured above.

How to drive safely in the winter

Erin Murtha, Staff Writer January 22, 2018

Your car is sliding, the wheel turning out of control. You feel your tires lose control, you are left powerless. Your mind is spinning what to do? When driving during the winter, it can be a stressful...

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The flashlights of students phones light up the gym to represent the many people who have been affected by cancer.

FOCO Cure fights to end childhood leukemia

Students at South Forsyth teamed up with the community to join the fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma. The organization's 2018 Students Of The Year, Ross Ashby, Jake Hale, and Watson Kimmel are raising...

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A picture of personalized learning up close and personal, and at its best.

Personalized learning evolves at South

Grace Drawdy and Erin Murtha December 13, 2017

     Schools in Forsyth county have begun to explore the topic of, “Personalized Learning”. South Forsyth High School, along with Piney Grove Middle School, and Shiloh Elementary, are the pilot...

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Taylor Swifts drama has become the source of her new music and has received negative reviews.

Review: The new Taylor Swift album digs its own grave

Erin Murtha, Staff Writer December 1, 2017

"I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now/Why?/Oh, 'cause she's dead!" Now this line sums up Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation. Taylor has been changing her music and lifestyle and...

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Student Athletes are required to take physical education which is causing them to be over worked.

Student athletes shouldn’t be required to take physical education

Erin Murtha, Staff Writer September 20, 2017

Student athletes are always being challenged and in my opinion, needing to do more than necessary. Student athletes are found all around the school every season of the year. There are many different sports...

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Therapy dogs Sophie (left) and Brutus (right) are preparing to go throughout the school with counselor Mrs.Frankel (middle) and visit classrooms where students will be able to interact with the dogs.

Therapy dogs and their positive effects on students’ well-being

Erin Murtha, Staff Writer September 15, 2017

Have you noticed the cute, loving, and nurturing dogs around the school? These dogs are actually therapy dogs and are trained to assist students through stressful times. Mrs. Frankel, the owner of the...

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