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Minakshi Shivananda

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor

Minakshi Shivananda is a sophomore at South Forsyth High School and is taking on her 2nd year at The Bird Feed. She is the News editor this year on The Bird Feed and can’t wait to start working with the new staff. At South, she is an active member of HOSA and has been playing the piano for 9 years, outside of school. She aspires to live in Chicago and loves to travel. She is looking forward to another great year on the staff! You can contact her at [email protected] or through her Twitter, @MinakshiShivan2.

The Silver Lining of Online Summer Classes

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor May 11, 2020

The sun is shining extra bright on this extra special day. A surge of pupils exit another year of high school with a face filled with pleasure, relieved of weekly assignments, tests, and projects. However,...

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Engaging in learning in an unorthodox climate. The set-up of a online learning looks quite similar to what is shown above. Many students have found themselves taking online summer courses to free up space in their schedule or to be ahead amongst their peers. However this does have its pros and cons as it is still very new and may not be as great as it seems.

Point Counterpoint: Online Summer Courses

Naisha Roy and Minakshi Shivananda May 11, 2020

With course registration drawing to a close, many students pursue the option of taking courses over the summer as a means of getting ahead in coursework. While this method of education can be very beneficial...

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The experience of a lifetime. SFHS HOSA members attended the 20th annual State Leadership Conference at the beginning of March. Many war eagles brought home medals which showcased their talent and hard work.

Towards Tomorrow: HOSA 2020 State Leadership Conference

Shree Delwadia and Minakshi Shivananda March 26, 2020

On March 5th,  over 70 South Forsyth High School HOSA members attended the 20th Annual HOSA State Leadership Conference. With 20 years in the making, this HOSA conference was bigger, better, and more...

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Donation in Progress. SFHS set up booths in Room 156 to accomodate the variety of blood donors. Many teachers, students, and other faculty donated blood to help support the major blood crisis.

[Photo] SFHS students and FBLA members host blood drive

Shree Delwadia and Lisa Holiday February 1, 2020

Donation in Progress. SFHS set up booths in Room 156 to accomodate the variety of blood donors. Many teachers, students, and other faculty donated blood to help support the major blood crisis.

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The arbitrariness of a school shooting. This was exactly the case in Saugus High School because no one saw Nate Berhow as a threat since he was socially and academically involved in his school. I think the school systems should pay more attention to the mental health of their students and put that first, junior Anisha Prashanth commented in response to what the school system should do to prevent school shootings.

Student Voices on the Surge of School Shootings

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor January 28, 2020

The Recent Tragedy In California An unfortunate tragedy struck Santa Clarita, California in November 2019, when a student at Saugus High School opened fire which resulted in the death of two teens and...

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Devoted team player hustling through a game. Senior Isabel Hui had a lot of pressure this season as being the most experienced at school softball and leading the rest of the varsity team. However, her leadership helped Souths softball team reach new heights like never before, winning 2nd place in regionals this year.

Senior Spotlight: Isabel Hui

Kate Haas and Minakshi Shivananda December 18, 2019

Isabel Hui, the only senior on South’s Varsity Softball team, hit strides this year as she led the team in winning against undefeated teams such as North Forsyth and Allatoona. Her endeavor and zeal...

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Spreading Christianty through music. Kayne West releases another album about faith and his development thoroughout the making of the album. The lyrics touched the hearts of many. Sophmore Ethan Barlag stated, The album reinforced my faith by conveying the message of Christ through a media that I enjoy, music.

Kanye West’s newest “JESUS IS KING” album provokes the holiness in all of us

Dione Geiling and Minakshi Shivananda November 22, 2019

Kanye West’s latest release, JESUS IS KING, hit stores and music streaming apps on October 25th, after many delays in the release date. West recently underwent a recommitment to Christianity, which in...

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Dangerous borders. This capture embodies the serene and placid Tigris river by the Eastern side of the Turkey-Syrian border. However, these countries’ borders are highly unsafe and risky to be around since there are constant attacks and activity between Kurdish rebel groups and Turkey.

South’s Voices on the Turkish-Kurdish Conflict

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor November 1, 2019

An unknown topic has risen in the midst of the already tenuous Middle Eastern problems: the Turkish-Kurdish conflict. This conflict has been significant in the Middle East starting from the 1970s and tensions...

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The key to success. Makenna Segal, a talented Softball player in Forsyth County, uses her finger to send a signal to her other teammates. Many of the players on the team say that good chemistry and communication has helped them win games against other schools, like North Forsyth.

Here’s what South’s 2019 Softball Team has been up to

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor September 20, 2019

This year’s softball team is making headlines, impressing all by winning against three undefeated teams; West Forsyth, North Forsyth, and Allatoona. Two of the top players on the Varsity Softball team,...

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Reconstructing the damage. South Carolina was left devastated by Hurricane Dorian, leaving thousands of buildings completely demolished or barely standing. According to The Red Cross, more than 630 volunteers gathered to help shelter, feed, and mobilize resources in the state.

Hurricane Dorian surpasses Georgia, but still affects families in South Forsyth

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor September 9, 2019

Joining the barrage of recent storms, another hurricane lurked up to the North Atlantic Ocean, now infamously known as Hurricane Dorian. The massive tropical cyclone made landfall in the Bahamas on September...

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Raising student-awareness.  SPARK Academy, one of the first academies to be demonstrated at SFHS, not only offers personal skills, but also sets students up to be life-long learners. The SPARK Academy supports a variety of different careers in the medical science and research fields.

[Photo] Flying into academies: SPARK Academy

Shree Delwadia, Editor-In-Chief September 1, 2019

Raising student-awareness. SPARK Academy, one of the first academies to be demonstrated at SFHS, not only offers personal skills, but also sets students up to be life-long learners. The SPARK Academy...

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Before the storm hit. St. Sebastian’s church, a Roman Catholic church, was one of the 3 that were affected by the bombing on Easter Sunday. Nearly 104 people were killed in this church, and at least 250 were killed throughout all 6 six locations. According to a source from the New Yorker, a man named Jude stated, ”The hospital, it was a cemetery.” Easter will never be the same in Sri Lanka.

Student Voices on the Sri Lankan Bombings

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor May 10, 2019

April 21st, 2019. The gleaming, but warm, rays of the golden sun gave its blessings to begin another wonderful day in Colombo, Sri Lanka. However, this wasn’t just a regular day; this was a day to celebrate....

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Kings of the court. Coach Steele comments that the chemistry of the team is very strong and that they all pool for each other. The Varsity Boys team at South won State championships last year, after many years of hard work.

Varsity Tennis teams place at Region Tournament & Advance to State

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor April 22, 2019

Two players are on the court, the want to win becoming overwhelming. They hit the tennis ball back and forth, trying to score. Sweat beads on the players' forehead as the tension runs high. The ball hits...

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Dedicated team. The JV Boys team here at South practice for 4 days each week, from Monday to Thursday. Every practice lasts about 2 hours. It definitely takes a committed team to take that much time out of their lives for South’s tennis team.

Interviewing Jakson Klosterman

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor April 3, 2019

As the JV tennis season is coming to a close, both of the JV boys’ and girls’ are preparing for Regionals. With only two losses in their season and seven wins, they go into regionals with an exemplary...

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Literacy Day on display. Tuesday, March 12 marked the day South Forsyth High School partook in a day surrounding academic discourse and its importance in the classroom environment. Many classes participated in Socratic Seminars and class discussions.

More than a day for books: SFHS Literacy Day

Posters and wallpapers decorated the hallways advocating for Literacy Day on March 12th. Teachers and students have been preparing for this day to come, and now spectators are visiting classrooms and watching...

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The Countryside. Outside of the city, there’s a whole other world in the suburbs of Georgia. The Fab 5 travel to places similar to the quiet prairie of Winder, which is shown above. Unknown to most viewers, these places are where their makeover begins.

Queer Eye slowly taking over the nation

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor March 5, 2019

Inside a snug blanket without a care in the world, a crazed Netflix user surfs through the program to find another show to feast their eyes on. While searching for the next show to obsess about, the user...

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Products of our past. In the past, immigration to US was for a better life. Now, immigrants flee to the US for their lives. Individuals like Oscar Leonel Lopez are barely surviving in their own countries. They have the same goals as the Eastern Europeans did when they first came to the United States: a brighter future.

South Forsyth voices on Guatemalan Migrants

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor January 24, 2019

About a year ago, 32-year-old Oscar Leonel Lopez, native to Guatemala, traveled to the US-Mexico border. There, he was caught by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and sent back home to the...

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Beaming Seniors. Letta Young and Griffin Bramer pose for the camera, their superlative was Best Hair. Bramer holds an older picture of himself with long hair, since he recently cut his hair short and dyed it red, resulting in scattered laughs throughout the studio.

South’s Spectacular Senior Superlatives

Minakshi Shivananda and Olivia Waletzke December 5, 2018

Indeed, South Forsyth will be sending another group of seniors off to college. As a way to remember the memories and personalities of the class of 2019, South’s yearbook staff continued the tradition...

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Enthusiastic Educator. Mrs. Parrella, known by her students as Señora Parrella, has been working at South for seven years, two years with Special Needs and in the media center. Unforeseen by SFHS, Sra. Parrella obtained a degree specializing in working with students with disabilities.”To me, it’s very upsetting because it’s easy for people for to say that we’re going to do this or do that, but how would he [Matt Bevin, Kentucky governor] feel if his child was thrown in a room without a proper teacher to student ratio.”

Standing up: The Teacher Pension Crisis

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor November 5, 2018

Imagine for a moment that you’re a teacher; a teacher that always puts in their best efforts to help their students succeed. Working late hours, grading never-ending papers, meeting with students; you...

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This picture captures the destruction of Hurricane Michael in Jackson County, FL.

Hurricane Michael devastates Southeast Coast

Kayleigh Emberton and Minakshi Shivananda October 18, 2018

Hurricane Michael arrived at full force last Thursday, heading straight for Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Panama City experienced the worst of the storm with winds up to 155 miles an hour and heavy...

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German foreign exchange, Lara Herrmann, gives a presentation to the journalism class on the popularity of Schlager Music in Germany.

German students take on SFHS

Students arrive at the Atlanta airport, 4,671 miles away from their homes in Leipzig, Germany. This is their first tour of America, visiting Washington, D.C. a couple of weeks before. They meet their student...

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Different perspectives. Although Serenas actions were claimed unruly, many people believe that Serena has done no wrong. Serena has been playing tennis since she was 3 years old. Freshman Niha Ramesh sided with the tennis player, stating that Williams coach was at fault rather than Serena.

[Photo] Student voice: Serena’s blow at the US Open

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor September 13, 2018

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