Senior Spotlight: Isabel Hui


Used with permission from Isabel Hui via Keith Allen

Devoted team player hustling through a game. Senior Isabel Hui had a lot of pressure this season as being the most experienced at school softball and leading the rest of the varsity team. However, her leadership helped South's softball team reach new heights like never before, winning 2nd place in regionals this year.

Kate Haas and Minakshi Shivananda

Isabel Hui, the only senior on South’s Varsity Softball team, hit strides this year as she led the team in winning against undefeated teams such as North Forsyth and Allatoona. Her endeavor and zeal helped Isabel lead the rest of the Lady War Eagles to victory. 

After playing the sport for 13 years, Hui concluded her softball career this 2019 season. As the only senior on the team, Hui felt that her role held a lot of responsibility.

“I had to set the tone for how every team member was going to act as a senior,” said Hui.

She learned first hand the impact that seniors have on underclassmen.

“When I was a freshman, the seniors set the tone for how we were supposed to act as a senior so I kept the impact I had on them in mind this year,” explained Hui. 

Along with athletic achievement, Hui also thrived in school. Throughout her four years at South, she has taken a rigorous course load with many AP and honors classes.

“It was really hard and I really had to learn how to manage my time. My motivation to do all the things I wanted to do kept me going,” said Hui.

Even though softball has ended, Hui is still actively involved in the school. She is a manager of our school store, The Bird Cage, which sells the popular cookies to many students a day.

Throughout Hui’s times playing softball, she had many memorable moments. Her freshman year, the team made it to the elite 8. 

“This was a really cool accomplishment, especially as a freshman,” said Hui. 

This past season, South Forsyth softball team made it to second place in the county.

“This year, we got second place in the county which nobody expected, especially as a new team. We proved everybody wrong, because we started off in fifth place. This made me feel more confident in my leadership,” Hui said as she recounts this victorious moment.

However one of her favorite aspects of the sport was the family she made through her team members.

“The family you make as a team stays with you even when you’re not playing anymore,” said Hui. 

Even though Hui says farewell to South Forsyth this upcoming May, her memories from playing softball will have a lasting impact on her life.