Dorm room decorating made easy


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license.

Transitioning from high school to college can often be a hectic and chaotic time. Below, a college student can find the perfect style for his or her dorm room.

Graduating seniors take a new and fresh step into the beginning of adulthood when attending college. Harder classes, new friends, tight money budgets, and less time for friends and family come with the struggle of adjusting to a new life. Dorm room designs shouldn’t have to be added to that list. Below, a college freshman, or any college student, may find a pleasant theme for easy dorm rooms to put together, so that they can have one less thing to worry about at the end of the day. With the right dorm room, it can become a new haven for those dealing with the stress and obligations of college.







For those who like fun patterns and bright colors, the Boho dorm room style is for you.


High school graduates who wish to keep it simple would find all the needs in a classical style dorm room.


This room will give beachy vibes and will make one wish they were lying on the beach with their feet in the sand.

Girly Girl

Girls who love pink, gold, and all things that are in style will love this girly-girl dorm.


Students who love a room that gives off a silver vibe will appreciate an industrial dorm.


For college students who enjoy the outdoors and will surely take pleasure in a rustic styled dorm room.


The floral dorm room shows off beautiful flower designs and simplicity.


This room is for those with a simple yet sharp style.


A modern dorm is for those who enjoy all things modern and trendy.


The cabin themed dorm room brings the feel of home to you.