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Finding the keys to success through the X-Factor

Speaker Logan Weber opens up his presentation about setting and reaching goals in South's Arena this morning. The Arena was packed with students, forcing the faculty to move the projector and screen  back and adjust the speakers' rotation.

Speaker Logan Weber opens up his presentation about setting and reaching goals in South's Arena this morning. The Arena was packed with students, forcing the faculty to move the projector and screen back and adjust the speakers' rotation.

Anna Hicks

Anna Hicks

Speaker Logan Weber opens up his presentation about setting and reaching goals in South's Arena this morning. The Arena was packed with students, forcing the faculty to move the projector and screen back and adjust the speakers' rotation.

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Students settle into The Arena to listen to Logan Weber's X-Factor presentation during Instructional Focus (IF) January 10.

Logan Weber, a motivational speaker and a Georgian, paid a visit to South Forsyth’s student body to speak about making goals and following through with them. As a public speaker, Mr. Weber speaks to an average of 50,000 high school students worldwide a year. During his presentation, “The X- factor”, he bring up four examples of how to reach your goals. Four students volunteered to take part in a game used to demonstrate how having a goal can help lead you to success.

When first beginning, Logan asked for four brave volunteers to contribute to the activity. One student was selected to be the “security guard” and the other three were escorted to a room. The crowd was asked to applaud each of the participants when they exited the room. The first two students were told to crumple up a sheet of paper and throw it at the target. However, there was no target as far as the eye could see. When the third competitor appeared, he was told the same directions but this time, a target was present. The objective of this game was to teach that a target needs to be established to stay motivated and focused to achieve it. He used this lesson to introduce the four X’s.

Mr. Weber introduced 4 factors that will allow “learning to be a lot easier and fun” known as the X-factor. The four factors he talked about were Xtract a goal in life, Xpose yourself to winners, Xclude negative thoughts, Xtend a helping hand. As Logan Weber was speaking, a few of the things he spoke of seemed to inspire many of the people in the room. “We found it interesting that they would do this and it was a good effort to make a difference but it was forgettable and the time in IF could have used more efficiently.” said freshmen Abhinav Iyer and James Grebhandt.

  1. Xtract a goal in life

This factor was visualized by a game with four volunteers from the audience. Each of them attempted to throw a paper ball at a “target”, but some were not provided a target. Using this example, Weber then explained that if there is no goal to aim for in life, our lives have no purpose and we must have one for our efforts to be effective.

      2. Xpose yourself to winners

Weber also encourages the students to try to hang out with the crowd that will give them the right motivation to do their best and not the crowd that will bring down their optimism because, as Weber proved, “Attitude is contagious! Is yours worth catching?”

  1. Xclude negative thoughts

An important factor that Weber went on to emphasize was to make sure not to downsize ourselves by not accomplishing anything because it is outside of our “comfort zone” and that we should not be afraid or intimidated to try new things.

  1. Xtend a helping hand

Weber presented a slide talking about the good deeds he has done, including raising $130,000 in 3 years for the Dried Tears organization by selling $2 bracelets to help people with waterborne diseases. With the money he and the organization raised, they managed to place a total of 38 wells to provide clean water to the people who need it. Weber ended his speech by encouraging the students to continually help, encourage, and love one another, so that we may soon reach the goals of our lives along with the help of our friends.

“For us to get the most out of life and for us to have success and be leaders we have to extract a goal or target in our life,” Mr. Weber claimed. “If you don’t have a vision of where we want to go we may feel confused and unsure of ourselves. You may not make it the first time but that’s okay. Decide today what you want to end up and do everything to get there.”


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Daria Weber, Copy Editor

Daria Weber is a Senior at South Forsyth, marking her fourth year on The Bird Feed staff. A proud Venture Scout, Daria is the current president of Crew 1109, president of the NEGA Venturing Officers Association, and works at Camp Rainey Mountain. Although Daria is often busy with school-work, she will always find time to enjoy a good book. Daria’s goal is to bring out the best of The Bird Feed and enjoy her last year on staff.

You can reach Daria at:

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Sophie Ralph, News and Multimedia Editor

Sophie Ralph is a quirky sophomore and has been on staff with The Bird Feed for two years. She loves this opportunity to express herself through writing and design! Photography is a passion of hers, even though most of her camera roll is pictures of her dog. She loves to sing and dance like a dork. In her natural habitat, she can be found out and about with her friends or curled up in bed watching Netflix wearing fuzzy socks. Sophie’s a writer, a geek, an optimist, and a Christian. She believes happiness is the most important thing in life, and has learned to find and appreciate it every single day.

You can reach Sophie on Twitter @sralphbirdfeed or email her at [email protected]! She would be happy to hear from you!

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Anna Hicks, Online Editor

Anna is a freshman and is excited for her first year as a part of The Bird Feed. She has been a competitive gymnast since she was six years old and loves to be active. In her spare time she enjoys reading, being with her friends, and listening to any kind of music. Her favorite shows to binge on Netflix include Quantico, Riverdale, and That 70’s Show. She is a lover of all things science and one day aspires to work in the medical field. Some of her wildest hopes and dreams include traveling the world and finding the cure for cancer. In addition, Anna is a Christian and is actively involved in her church in choir and youth group.

Keep up with Anna on twitter @ahicksthefeed or contact her directly at [email protected]

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Kate Haas, Features Editor

Kate Haas is a junior at South Forsyth High School and this is her second year working on The Bird Feed. One can often find her watching The Office or New Girl on Netflix, reading a book, or studying for her many AP classes. She enjoys playing lacrosse and is a member of the South Forsyth team. Her interests include eating sushi, writing stories, and laughing at memes. Kate has a passion for community service and believes that we should all do the best we can to help others. She is a proud Gryffindor and has read the Harry Potter series more times than she can count. Her friends would describe her as kind, independent, and a huge book nerd. She aspires to someday live in New York City and plans to travel around the world. Kate is looking forward to this year as features editor on The Bird Feed and cannot wait to see what articles she gets to write.

You can contact her by email at [email protected] or check out her twitter @khbirdfeed

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Sierra Wamsley, Associate Editor

Sierra Wamsley is a junior at South Forsyth High School. She is beyond thrilled for her third year year on The Bird Feed staff. When she is not working hard on her school studies, you can find Sierra splashing in the pool or writing a new story. She will be continuing on the South Forsyth Swim and Dive Team for the third year in October. Whenever you run into her, she’ll always have a big smile on her face and a positive attitude. Sierra spends the majority of her free time engaged in music whether it be the Piano or Violin or Choral Music. She enjoys jamming out to pop music with her brothers in the car on weekends. One item that has always been on her bucket list for the future is visiting Greenland. You can reach Sierra on Twitter at @wamsley_sierra or email her at [email protected] .

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Elijah Cho, Opinions Section Editor

Elijah Cho is a sophomore in South Forsyth High School and is very grateful to be able to be in the Journalism group once again. Despite deciding to fully focus on academics instead of joining marching band this year, he’s still doing his best to push through the difficult classes in his second year like AP World History. He loves to write short stories in his free time while listening to video game and anime soundtracks like Professor Layton or Undertale (when he’s not too busy obsessing over character design or plot development). Either that, or you’ll simply find him watching Psych, Youtube, or anime. As you can probably already tell, he’s an enthusiast for music of many kinds, whether he’s listening to 80’s music, metal, classical, or playing the piano or trumpet. As this is his second year of high school, he hopes to be able to have more new experiences including Mock Trial. Although this is his first year in Journalism as the Opinion Sections Editor, he hopes he will be able to write many good Opinion articles and be a good contribute to the team and its newcomers. Check him out on Twitter @TheCho_senOne or contact him at [email protected].

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Brooke Eldridge, Staff Writer

Brooke Eldridge is not your average sophomore. As her second year working for The Bird Feed begins, not only does she await the excitement of writing, but she indulges in helping others in need. Brooke is incredibly interested in helping out the homeless community and is very opinionated on certain topics. She has a high sense of fashion, and loves coordinating her clothes by color. In her free time, Brooke enjoys wrapping herself in a blanket and binge-watching Dexter, watching any horror film she can find, and listening to her favorite artist, Billie Eilish. She also enjoys going to the nearest coffee shop with friends for a delicious old-fashioned donut and a warm cheese danish. Don’t be shy around her, because her RBF is not her actual personality! She is super friendly when you get to know her and is known as a creative and loving friend. You can contact her on her twitter @BrookeEldridge7 or her email [email protected]

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