Finding the keys to success through the X-Factor


Anna Hicks

Speaker Logan Weber opens up his presentation about setting and reaching goals in South’s Arena this morning. The Arena was packed with students, forcing the faculty to move the projector and screen back and adjust the speakers’ rotation.


Logan Weber, a motivational speaker and a Georgian, paid a visit to South Forsyth’s student body to speak about making goals and following through with them. As a public speaker, Mr. Weber speaks to an average of 50,000 high school students worldwide a year. During his presentation, “The X- factor”, he bring up four examples of how to reach your goals. Four students volunteered to take part in a game used to demonstrate how having a goal can help lead you to success.

When first beginning, Logan asked for four brave volunteers to contribute to the activity. One student was selected to be the “security guard” and the other three were escorted to a room. The crowd was asked to applaud each of the participants when they exited the room. The first two students were told to crumple up a sheet of paper and throw it at the target. However, there was no target as far as the eye could see. When the third competitor appeared, he was told the same directions but this time, a target was present. The objective of this game was to teach that a target needs to be established to stay motivated and focused to achieve it. He used this lesson to introduce the four X’s.

Mr. Weber introduced 4 factors that will allow “learning to be a lot easier and fun” known as the X-factor. The four factors he talked about were Xtract a goal in life, Xpose yourself to winners, Xclude negative thoughts, Xtend a helping hand. As Logan Weber was speaking, a few of the things he spoke of seemed to inspire many of the people in the room. “We found it interesting that they would do this and it was a good effort to make a difference but it was forgettable and the time in IF could have used more efficiently.” said freshmen Abhinav Iyer and James Grebhandt.

  1. Xtract a goal in life

This factor was visualized by a game with four volunteers from the audience. Each of them attempted to throw a paper ball at a “target”, but some were not provided a target. Using this example, Weber then explained that if there is no goal to aim for in life, our lives have no purpose and we must have one for our efforts to be effective.

      2. Xpose yourself to winners

Weber also encourages the students to try to hang out with the crowd that will give them the right motivation to do their best and not the crowd that will bring down their optimism because, as Weber proved, “Attitude is contagious! Is yours worth catching?”

  1. Xclude negative thoughts

An important factor that Weber went on to emphasize was to make sure not to downsize ourselves by not accomplishing anything because it is outside of our “comfort zone” and that we should not be afraid or intimidated to try new things.

  1. Xtend a helping hand

Weber presented a slide talking about the good deeds he has done, including raising $130,000 in 3 years for the Dried Tears organization by selling $2 bracelets to help people with waterborne diseases. With the money he and the organization raised, they managed to place a total of 38 wells to provide clean water to the people who need it. Weber ended his speech by encouraging the students to continually help, encourage, and love one another, so that we may soon reach the goals of our lives along with the help of our friends.

“For us to get the most out of life and for us to have success and be leaders we have to extract a goal or target in our life,” Mr. Weber claimed. “If you don’t have a vision of where we want to go we may feel confused and unsure of ourselves. You may not make it the first time but that’s okay. Decide today what you want to end up and do everything to get there.”