Safe places with Mrs. Reid


Kate Haas

10th grade Literature and Composition teacher, Mrs. Reid, is happy to share her feelings about safe places.

Sierra Wamsley, Staff Writer

Teens and adults alike are struggling with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Some have expressed feelings that they do not have a safe place or person to talk to. Within our high school campus, students feel comfortable approaching a 10th grade literature and composition teacher, Mrs. Reid, with these thoughts. Below is an excerpt from my interview with her.

“I majored in English anticipating going on to law school, but I fell in love with literature. After being captivated by many talented professors whose passion was teaching, I too wanted to go on and teach. I think the likely answer, as cliche as it may be, for all of us coming back to high school (a second time) wish to influence the lives of youth. I feel like I spend a lot of time getting to know my students, understanding them and their lives, I hope they feel the same way, because I do this (teaching) for the students. I appreciate the impact I have on students each day. I would like to think I have made a difference. When I watch former students walk across the graduation stage at the high school and even college level, I feel as though I have helped, even a little bit in shaping each student who walks through my classroom door. I would like to think I have made a difference. Seek an adult who is trained and can provide guidance. High school is a tough place, whether you are suffering from these or other difficulties in school, it is important to feel like you belong, and have an adult who you can talk to. You are worthy of success and can get there with hard work.”