Six Feet Apart


Photo used with permission from LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

Stay home. As a result of health officials recommending physical distancing, many streets and buildings are empty. Many doctors and others believe that physical distancing is the key to slow the transmission of COVID-19.

Kate Haas and Shree Delwadia

As many individuals are affected by these unforeseen circumstances, the key to returning to our normal schedules is by working together. As current statistics show, the number of COVID-19 cases in the country is increasing day by day. In order to reduce the spread of cases, health professionals all around strongly suggest people practice important safety precautions such as physical distancing. 

While many people are disappointed that physical distancing means fewer family gatherings, fun events, and parties, it is a necessary step in helping everyone stay healthy. Physical distancing is consciously keeping a certain space between people, usually at least 6 feet, to lessen the chance of spreading germs to others. The main purpose of this practice is to help individuals stay away from large groups of people where the transmission of the virus is more likely. 

“I believe distancing is beneficial because COVID-19 is a contact disease,” said senior Michela Montiero. “People do not start showing symptoms until a week or later so hundreds of people can infect others without even knowing. Staying inside and away from others as much as possible is the best way to contain the virus.” 

Additionally, it is necessary to slow the rate of transmission because if left unchecked, hospitals will be unable to have the resources to treat infected patients. As long as individuals practice distancing, hospitals will have the capacity to help their patients.

“Physical distancing makes it easier for hospitals and staff to keep up with the demand and decreases the risk of the virus becoming more serious,” said senior Addison Ambrose. 

Although physical distancing has kept people from seeing their family or friends face to face, there are still ways to stay connected while maintaining separation. Many people have opted to utilize facetime, google hangout, zoom call, or any other platform to talk to friends or relatives during this time. There are also many different social media platforms, such as TikTok, where people are staying connected with others. 

It is critical that individuals practice physical distancing in order to “flatten the curve.” Health officials refer to flattening the curve as people practicing different protective measures to decrease the rate of the infection spreading. Distancing from individuals not only protects an individual but also protects their loved ones and those with a higher health risk. However, physical distancing does not mean complete isolation. It is imperative to maintain safe connections with loved ones in order to create positivity during these stressful times.