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Across the world. Officers from all of the world language honor socities pose for a photo in the War Eagle Dining Hall. They were in charge of saying the oaths to induct the new members.
SOFO World Language Honor Societies Honor New Members in Induction Ceremony
Naisha Roy, Copy Editor • March 24, 2022
SpaceX Starlink Broadband Satellite Deployment over Earth by jurvetson is marked with CC BY 2.0. Optioned under Fair Use.
Musk's Starlink System Provides Internet Service to War-Torn Ukraine
Sayna Kaushik, News Editor, Video Editor, Co-Podcast Host • March 16, 2022
Neighbors and adversaries: The history of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine goes back much further than most modern news coverage suggests. Globalicious! by rogiro is marked with CC BY-NC 2.0. To view the terms, visit
The Historical Background Behind the Russia and Ukraine Conflict
Saahithya Gutta, Saanvi Tatipalli, and Tisha Kaur March 7, 2022
Prom royalty. Seniors Emory Hilton and Praneet Venigalla smile bright as they proudly wear their crowns. Both seniors were beyond grateful as it marked a special moment in their high school journey.
A Walk in the Enchanted Forest: SFHS Celebrates Prom 2022
Shree Delwadia, Shivani Murugapiran, and Maggie Craig April 20, 2022
The beauty of colors. Students from South Forsyth High School crowd together as they celebrate the Hindu festival of colors, Holi. Individuals from all over the county came together to rejoice as they created new memories with their friends and familiy.
Bright Colors and Brighter Smiles: Cumming Fairgrounds Celebrates Holi
Shree Delwadia and Saanvi Tatipalli March 25, 2022
Long-awaited victory. Chapter President Shivani Murugapiran, Vice President Shreya Mishra, and State Officer Abhishek Pasupuleti present the Chapter of the Year cup. The hard work of all members and officers led to remarkable wins.
South Forsyth FBLA Strikes Again at State
Shivani Murugapiran, Staff Writer • March 23, 2022
Forsyth County. In the 4x100 meter relay A team, Junior Chris Nelson speeds through the finish line. He positioned as anchor and held his first place spot all the way to the end.
SOFO Track and Field Preview: Wrapping up the wins at Wolverine Invitational
Carmel Yonas, Opinions Editor and Sports Editor • March 23, 2022
South and Lambert. In the 1600, junior Carmel Yonas runs in front of junior Bella Cammarota as they race for first place. In the end, Yonas won by .54 milliseconds and sophomore Isabel Yonas placed third.
Track and Field Boys Lace Up and Tie for First Place
Carmel Yonas, Opinions Editor and Sports Editor • March 16, 2022
A memorable win. South Forsyth’s Dance Team takes the GHSA state championship by a storm. The team placed 2nd overall in the much-anticipated competition.
South Forsyth Dance Team Hip-Hops into 1st Place
Shivani Murugapiran, Staff Writer • February 15, 2022
Have a War Eagle Day
Hosts Thya and Naisha discuss the everyday ups and downs of life as a high school senior. This lifestyle podcast updates with new episodes on topics like stress, college, and social media. Check it out on Spotify and Anchor!
The SAT. Students are spending much time studying for a test that is unlikely to help in their future professions - and it makes sense. Although these scores are pretty important towards your chances to getting into college, schools have gone easier on the importance of them since the COVID crisis.
Stressing Over Testing: Standardized Test Scores are Overrated
Saanvi Tatipalli and Tisha Kaur April 13, 2022

Remember the anxiety you had the night before the SAT or ACT, when you thought that this test will make or break your future? Remember cramming everything last minute, ignoring the dribbles of sweat...

Black hairstyles. Three black women proudly display their distinct hairstyles. The ladies represented different types of hairstyles that show Black culture within the Black community.
Let Your Hair C.R.O.W.N: Senate to Vote to Ban Hair-Based Discrimination
Carmel Yonas, Opinions Editor and Sports Editor • April 12, 2022

In the United States, a place supposedly full of diversity, the Black community not only suffers from discrimination and prejudice regarding their race, but also in how they present themselves to the world....

Samsung or Apple? SFHS sophomore Luana Pompei shows off her new Samsung Z Fold in SOFOs plaza. She told The Bird Feed that her Samsung device is unique and thats why she likes her phone.
The Battle for South: Apple vs. Samsung
Chris Bunker, Photo Editor, Co-Podcast Host, Co-Social Media Lead • March 9, 2022

If you are reading this article on a mobile device, there is a 73 percent chance you're using an iPhone. We know this because a whopping 73% of the mobile traffic the Bird Feed receives comes via Apple...

2022 Grammy Awards: Musics Biggest Night Could be Sour or Happier Than Ever
2022 Grammy Awards: Music's Biggest Night Could be "Sour" or "Happier Than Ever"
Kate Geiger, Columns Editor • April 1, 2022

On April 3, all the big names in music will come together for the 2022 Grammy Awards.  Some of the musicians will be on the edge of their seats because they might be the winner of music's most prestigious...

Adam SIlveras They Both Die at the end is getting an onscreen portrayal.
Adam Silvera's "They Both Die at the End" to Receive Series Adaptation
Carlos Nunez, staff writer • March 30, 2022

Three years after its publication, Entertainment One (eOne) has purchased rights to Adam Silvera's They Both Die At The End, and the beloved YA novel is officially in the works as a television series....

Pixars Turning Red. In this 2022 film, Meilin Lee transforms into a red panda whenever she experiences any strong emotions. Through her panda form, Mei learned how to adopt her own personality apart from her mothers standards and strictures.
Pressures, Parenting and Pandas: Let's Talk about Pixar's "Turning Red"
Maggie Craig, Associate Editor • March 25, 2022

(*The following review contains potential spoilers for the Disney-Pixar film Turning Red.) Pixar’s newest release, Turning Red, first premiered in theatres worldwide on March 1st and made its debut...

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On Solid Ground: All About Taurus
On Solid Ground: All About Taurus
Saahithya Gutta, Lifestyle & Features Editor, Social Media Lead • March 17, 2022
Cassidy Harrington, Contributing Poet
The Juggling Juggler
The Juggling Juggler
Saanvi Tatipalli, Staff Writer
Cassidy Harrington, Contributing Poet
Saanvi Tatipalli, Staff Writer