Kanye West’s newest “JESUS IS KING” album provokes the holiness in all of us


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Spreading Christianty through music. Kayne West releases another album about faith and his development thoroughout the making of the album. The lyrics touched the hearts of many. Sophmore Ethan Barlag stated, “The album reinforced my faith by conveying the message of Christ through a media that I enjoy, music.”

Kanye West’s latest release, JESUS IS KING, hit stores and music streaming apps on October 25th, after many delays in the release date. West recently underwent a recommitment to Christianity, which in turn, explains why the Gospel album focuses on Christianity and one’s love of the Lord. In the past year, the iconic hip-hop influencer disclosed, in an interview with talk show host David Letterman, his diagnosis with bipolar disorder, a serious disorder that causes one to have unusual shifts in behavior and mood swings quite often. 

In his interview with David Letterman, he elaborated about on his experience in a psychiatric hospital as he was being treated for his disorder. He believed that going to the psychiatric hospital really helped in taking the big leap of changing his ways for the better. His entire family showed complete support of him as Kim Kardashian-West, his wife, took her time to convey exactly that in a tweet.

His revelations shocked fans across the world but also gave an explanation for his infamous behavior which turned into a feud during the 2009 VMA’s towards Country Pop star Taylor Swift. While Swift was giving her speech for winning the award for Best Video, Kanye drunkenly stumbled up to the stage, where he delivered the famous lines, I’mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!”

His words not only disrespected Taylor Swift but also provoked crticism from fans about his motives. After his long-held feud with Taylor Swift, he experienced a change in the past couple of years; West’s previous albums represent his change, such as Life of Pablo

Life of Pablo expressed West’s change and his growth in his faith to the Lord; however, Jesus Is King allowed listeners to understand his struggle with his faith and recommittment to following Christian principles.