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Kings of the court. Coach Steele comments that the chemistry of the team is very strong and that they all pool for each other. The Varsity Boys team at South won State championships last year, after many years of hard work.

Varsity Tennis teams place at Region Tournament & Advance to State

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor April 22, 2019

Two players are on the court, the want to win becoming overwhelming. They hit the tennis ball back and forth, trying to score. Sweat beads on the players' forehead as the tension runs high. The ball hits...

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Dedicated team. The JV Boys team here at South practice for 4 days each week, from Monday to Thursday. Every practice lasts about 2 hours. It definitely takes a committed team to take that much time out of their lives for South’s tennis team.

Interviewing Jakson Klosterman

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor April 3, 2019

As the JV tennis season is coming to a close, both of the JV boys’ and girls’ are preparing for Regionals. With only two losses in their season and seven wins, they go into regionals with an exemplary...

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On pointe. South Forsyth has begun their inagural season for their dance team. Twelve girls compete in a range of dance competitions for the school. Sophomore Sloane Womac commented, I love dancing for South Forsyth because I can finally share my passion for dance with my school.

An Interview with Sloane Womac

Sadie Rawlings, Co-associate Editor January 30, 2019

Q: When did you start dancing and how did you discover your love of dance? A: I started dancing when I was three years old, and I discovered my love for dance when I performed in my first dance recital....

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Eye on the ball. Makenna swings the bat with concentration, aiming to make an offensive play. Known for her offensive power, Makenna is seen as a threat to opposing teams. Hitting is another one of my strengths, comments Makenna, and I am a very heavy thinker when it comes to the game.

Rising to the top: Student athlete Makenna Segal

Kayleigh Emberton, Senior Editor December 9, 2018

Spectators watch with their breaths held as south slugger Makenna Segal steps up to the plate. The pitcher wipes her forehead and reads the sign from the catcher. She starts to wind up and the ball seems...

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Sweet victory. South Forsyth basketball travelled to Lanier during their season. The JV boys were consistent in their game, and ended up defeating the Boys JV Lanier team. Whenever Im playing basketball, I always try to put the team before myself because winning as a team is more important than losing playing for yourself. Nathan Moore, a sophomore player stated.

Court-side victory: Taking on Lanier

Sadie Rawlings, Co-associate Editor December 1, 2018

On November 29th, the South's JV basketball team traveled to Gwinnett County to play Lanier. Within the first quarter, the boys were up significantly from the Longhorns, and by half-time, they were beating...

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South and proud. Lauren Baccari stands in front of the South Forsyth High School logo, proud to be on the softball team. She has played softball since she was 4 years old, growing and improving in the sport ever since. With the four years that I have played at South, I obviously improved my physical game with practicing almost every day, said Baccari, but from this program and the people that have supported me through this process I have improved my character more than anything else and really found who I was as a person through this program.

Interviewing a signed-off senior athlete

Alyssa Freyman, Editor-in-chief November 28, 2018

South's softball season ended on Oct 18th, to the dismay of the varsity softball players. They began to realize that some of their teammates will be wearing different jerseys next season as seniors start...

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Quick break. During a game, the team poses for a quick photo after a well-deserved victory. The team had a great season this year, advancing in the state tournament, and beating even the toughest competitors. This year our team has really come together and been really strong, Captain Molly Bergin said.

Mapping the varsity volleyball season

Shreya Mishra , Senior Editor, Online Lead November 26, 2018

The Varsity Volleyball team impressed many this year, making it to the second round of state competitions, and fighting a tough game throughout the season. Regardless of where they go, they play incredibly...

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On the football field of Milton High School, the South Forsyth Marching Band gather once again for a group photo. That night, they celebrated as the new champions of the 2018 White Columns Invitational. Im excited that Ill have more free time after this is all over, but really sad that my senior friends wont be able to spend more time with us. said sophomore Claire Fletcher.

Winning the championship: South Forsyth’s Marching Band

Elijah Cho, Opinions Section Editor November 14, 2018

On Saturday, Nov 3, 2018, the South Forsyth Marching Band won first place at the White Columns Invitational in Milton High School. The band's 2018 show that won the honor was titled Inside Out, to which...

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Second place. Coaches help the lesser experienced riders with what skills they need to practice on up until the competition. On September 30th, the Equestrian team placed Reserve Champion out of 10 teams for their first of five seasons.

Riding strong: South Forsyth Equestrian team

Lauren Holiday, News Editor November 6, 2018

The surrounding stands are respectfully quiet as the tournament begins. The riders make their way around the course, a calm aura surrounds them as the horses trot steadily and set out to score the first...

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South Forsyths Varsity Volleyball team constantly works to improve their coordination and embrace a positive environment. This excellent teamwork has helped them score wins in many games so far.

Varsity Volleyball to begin State Championship this week

Shreya Mishra , Senior Editor, Online Lead October 17, 2018

This week is filled with anticipation for the Varsity Volleyball team. Persevering through the season so far, the team has placed 2nd in the region on Monday, October 15th, beating West Forsyth High School...

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War Eagle Stadium sits right outside the cafeteria, on display for all the students walking around campus. The football players practice here multiple times a week, preparing for this weeks game against North Forsyth.

South is now 1-1 in region play after loss to milton

Kayleigh Emberton , Senior Editor October 16, 2018

Students, families, and friends sit in the bleachers cheering for the players down on the field. Shaking the stands with their cheering, students glow and glitter under the stadium lights; decorated with...

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Taft Hilton, a varsity football player, runs the track at South Forsyth to warm up before practice.

Finding the common factor between Football and Marching Band

Sadie Rawlings, Co-associate Editor September 14, 2018

One breath, another, and another. The trumpeter blows his horn as he marches across the field. The football player breathes in and out before running to the tackle. The ballerina lets a breath out before...

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