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Souths language learners. Ethan Barrilleaux, RJ Craig,
Haven Somerson, Katherine Yang, Christopher Efobi, Vanessa Garcia Urbana, Esther Kim, Jocelyn Somerson, Alex Van Alstyne, Grace Van Alstyne, and Dhriti Pentela compete in the Clemson poetry declamation competition. They embrace their learned languages by representing South Forsyth High School  in a contest amongst other southeastern schools.

A world full of languages

Maggie Craig, Editor-In-Chief October 21, 2019

On Saturday, October 19th, over 400 students from the southeastern United States, including 11 students from South Forsyth, competed against each other in a world language poetry declamation contest hosted...

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The Amazon Rainforest has been burning down since August, causing serious deforestation. Government officials have been hard at work, attempting to find an effective solution to bringing an end to these fires. Wildfires occur every year and are quite severe each time- some natural some not.  This year the fires are particularly bad because of the extreme drought plaguing the region, Mrs. Cooper says.

Amazon Rainforest In Jeopardy

Lisa Holiday, Staff Writer September 17, 2019

The Amazon Rainforest was set ablaze August 22nd due to irresponsible farmers using slash and burn techniques. Organizations and the Brazilian government have been investing millions into attempting...

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Colors in remembrance. Students at SFHS dress up in honor for 9/11. The Spanish National Honors Society encouraged their members to wear red, white, and blue in memory. I am dressing in support for both the society and 9/11, freshman Angelica Conde says.

Dressing for the memory of 9/11

Naisha Roy and Carmel Yonas September 13, 2019

South’s very own Spanish National Honors Society dressed in patriotic colors to commemorate the September 11th attacks on the Twin Towers. As part of the Spanish National Honors Society [SNHS], students...

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Reconstructing the damage. South Carolina was left devastated by Hurricane Dorian, leaving thousands of buildings completely demolished or barely standing. According to The Red Cross, more than 630 volunteers gathered to help shelter, feed, and mobilize resources in the state.

Hurricane Dorian surpasses Georgia, but still affects families in South Forsyth

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor September 9, 2019

Joining the barrage of recent storms, another hurricane lurked up to the North Atlantic Ocean, now infamously known as Hurricane Dorian. The massive tropical cyclone made landfall in the Bahamas on September...

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Getting to know your peers. The students pictured (Adam Strandquist, Susanna Yonk) greeted each other before they played a round of Gun, Man, Gorilla.  This game was meant to ease the air for students, and help FBLA members get to know each other while having some fun.

FBLA embarks on new year with Kickoff Social

Shreya Mishra, Senior Editor, Online Lead August 27, 2019

South's FBLA Chapter began their year on Thursday, August 22, with an interactive and informational kickoff social. The meeting began in the War Eagle Dining Hall after school. Tharini R.K, the current...

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Coffee with friends. 585 Cafe is open during FlexTime for students to purchase coffee and nutritious foods.

Flex time additions for the new school year

Grace Drawdy and Sierra Wamsley August 27, 2019

FlexTime is one of the numerous changes South Forsyth is implementing this year.  It was made specifically for students who opined that they need more time to relax during the school day. There are many...

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A new way to start the year. South High’s war eagles started their year off with friends, spirit, and fun. Throughout the day, students participated in a pep rally, played icebreakers in their IF classrooms, and had the opportunity to end the day with refreshing popsicles.

Kicking off first day festivities

The Bird Feed Staff August 12, 2019

More than 3,000 eager and anxious students clump together in the arena, and the air fills with noise from the chatter of friends catching up and the buzz of brass instruments. When Mr. Wolff grabs the...

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Daydreaming, Lower levels of sleep can be detrimental to a teens emotional, cognitive, and physical health - brain activity is proven to lessen with less sleep. Students have often bragged about how little sleep they received the night before, often times without knowing the dangerous effects.

Don’t sleep on this: How sleep levels impact the lives of teens

Daria Weber, Copy Editor May 16, 2019

Students crowd the halls, mindlessly wandering. Heavy eyelids and intermittent yawns remind them of their once cozy beds. The morning bell alerts them, slightly waking up their systems as they shuffle...

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Before the storm hit. St. Sebastian’s church, a Roman Catholic church, was one of the 3 that were affected by the bombing on Easter Sunday. Nearly 104 people were killed in this church, and at least 250 were killed throughout all 6 six locations. According to a source from the New Yorker, a man named Jude stated, ”The hospital, it was a cemetery.” Easter will never be the same in Sri Lanka.

Student Voices on the Sri Lankan Bombings

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor May 10, 2019

April 21st, 2019. The gleaming, but warm, rays of the golden sun gave its blessings to begin another wonderful day in Colombo, Sri Lanka. However, this wasn’t just a regular day; this was a day to celebrate....

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The hidden opportunities. Rising sophomore, Shruti Kapoor, hopes to discover unique careers to pursue her diverse passions. Shruti learned about how she can be involved in certain marketing companies such as Fiserv. Inc.

9th grade students attend Junior Achievement Career Fair

Shree Delwadia, Editor-In-Chief April 18, 2019

Today’s generation has the opportunity to choose from a wide array of professions that appeal to even the most unique of interests; careers in hospitality, social media, engineering, banking, medicine,...

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Remembering our past. Vietnam war veteran, Captain Beddingfield, talks with AP Lang students about his experience from the Vietnam war. Students listened to his stories and asked any questions that they had about his time in the war.

Vietnam war veteran shares stories with AP Lang classes

Sierra Wamsley and Kate Haas March 28, 2019

Students gather around, eager to hear the stories of Captain Beddingfield, a Vietnam war veteran. He shares his stories, as well as takes pictures with the students. His experiences seem completely foreign...

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Taking the stage. The above photo shows South students smiling for a picture soon after the ending session at the State Conference. Of the student that placed, the top 4 will represent Georgia at the National State Conference over the summer.

South’s FBLA Chapter exceeds expectations at State Conference

Shreya Mishra, Senior Editor, Online Lead March 25, 2019

The crowd cheers as students from their FBLA chapters step up to the stage to receive awards at the State Conference on Saturday, March 23rd, at the Hyatt Regency of Atlanta. However, taking a step...

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