FBLA embarks on new year with Kickoff Social


Shreya Mishra

Getting to know your peers. The students pictured (Adam Strandquist, Susanna Yonk) greeted each other before they played a round of ‘Gun, Man, Gorilla.’ This game was meant to ease the air for students, and help FBLA members get to know each other while having some fun.

South’s FBLA Chapter began their year on Thursday, August 22, with an interactive and informational kickoff social. The meeting began in the War Eagle Dining Hall after school. Tharini R.K, the current president of South’s FBLA chapter, greeted attendees and introduced the FBLA to freshmen and other new members. Soon after, South’s official FBLA officers introduced themselves and discussed various community service and competitions opportunities with students.

FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America, and South’s chapter is especially unique and extraordinary.  South’s chapter of FBLA holds several national and state winners and prides themselves in their hard-working and intelligent FBLA competitors. In fact, for the past three years, FBLA has taken home the ‘Chapter of The Year’ award at the Georgia FBLA State Conference.

When asked what returning member Ashna Kasireddy absorbed from the Kickoff briefing, she said, “I learned about how I can participate and compete in various levels of competitions.”

After the quick presentation, students dispersed and played a team-building game as an ice-breaker and stress-relief from school.  Members then selected a ‘squad leader’, to keep them informed on important deadlines and meeting dates. Each squad leader met with their assigned students and introduced themselves with a quick ice-breaker game.

On many instances, curious students would ask returning members what FBLA taught them in their previous years. To this, sophomore Adhrija Anbu said, “FBLA has helped me make more friends and learn about way I can be a better leader. Learning about the different events and gaining knowledge in order to compete has helped me a lot academically.”