Flex time additions for the new school year


Sadie Rawlings and Grace Drawdy

Coffee with friends. 585 Cafe is open during FlexTime for students to purchase coffee and nutritious foods.

Grace Drawdy and Sierra Wamsley

FlexTime is one of the numerous changes South Forsyth is implementing this year.  It was made specifically for students who opined that they need more time to relax during the school day. There are many activities offered for students to participate in during this time. A few options include walking on the football field or sitting in the stadium, making a reservation at the all-new culinary coffee shop, chilling in the Arena for a quiet study place, or exercising in the blue gym with indoor activities such as like air hockey, walking, basketball, and football. If students begin failing a class, their flex time will be taken away, and they will be required to attend tutoring labs. If unsubmitted work is the root cause, they will be directed to “Talon Time” where they will complete their assignments to achieve passing grades.

Freshman Jackson Tufts says, “I really like flex time and how the school recognizes the amount of work students put into schoolwork and designated a time to do extra work or just simply to relax.”

With the newly adopted schedule allowing 50 FlexTime minutes, three days a week, students have a multitude of opportunities. They can catch up on unfinished assignments, laugh and cry with friends, or enjoy an outdoor activity of their choice. Many students are grateful for the opportunity to enjoy this free period.

Junior Madison Fiorentino states, “I think flex time is honestly a really great idea. While it helps with unfinished work, I also like that it isn’t required to learn, you can just have a brain break and forget about all the stressful tests and classes.”

FlexTime also allows students to begin learning how to manage their time effectively. Freshman Brady Reynolds states, “I think it’s a good way for people to catch up on work they don’t have enough time for. Although people should’ve already done their work at home and not procrastinate, they might have things they need to do like clubs, sports, or anything else, in general, that is taking up the time of their homework.”

FlexTime allows for people to get ahead on their work, if they know they are going to be busy later that evening with sports events, club events, or they just want a night off to relax and have time to themselves. Senior Brady Tew states, “I think FlexTime is great for students. It gives them time to catch up on any aspect of their life that they need more work in. I really wish I had this opportunity for the last three years.”