Dressing for the memory of 9/11


Christopher Bunker

Colors in remembrance. Students at SFHS dress up in honor for 9/11. The Spanish National Honors Society encouraged their members to wear red, white, and blue in memory. “I am dressing in support for both the society and 9/11,” freshman Angelica Conde says.

Naisha Roy and Carmel Yonas

South’s very own Spanish National Honors Society dressed in patriotic colors to commemorate the September 11th attacks on the Twin Towers.

As part of the Spanish National Honors Society [SNHS], students are able to earn 30 minutes of volunteer hours for wearing red, white, and blue. For some, this is very personal as they have experienced trauma on this day. It is important to dress up because of the honor we should give to those who died. Doctora Green still feels a connection to this day about 9/11.

“ We are all united together and 9/11 brought many many Americans from every nationality, religion, belief, and skin color together. That’s the point of National Honor Society in general,” she explained. “My child at that time [9/11] was very little, and I couldn’t go to him because I was at school… and my younger one was at daycare, so it was a very frightening day for me,” she adds.

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I am very patriotic, since I was not born in this country I became an American Citizen and I value tremendously all the freedom and all the positive things that you have in this country.

— Dra. Green

Canines for the country. Cole, one of the school’s many service dogs, wore a red-white-and-blue bandanna to show support for the day.

Students from all over South banded together to show support for 9/11. Whether they were part of the honor society or just showing support, the hallways were a myriad of the american flag’s color. No matter the nationality, students still held value to this day and dressed in support.

“Spanish is my native language and one of the cultures I grew up with, but I dressed up not only for the honor society but because 9/11 is a day we should be aware of and everyone should remember,” freshman Angelica Conde adds.

Even South’s very own service dogs dressed to show support for this day with colorful bandannas. The Spanish Honors Society plans to continue this tradition and hopes to make an impact every year for those in memory.