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This clock represents the circadian rhythm also known as the biological clock. It is important that we maintain a consistent circadian rhythm.

2017 Nobel Prize awarded in science and medicine

Kate Haas, Senior Editor November 10, 2017

American scientists Jeffrey C Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W Young won the 2017 science and medicine Nobel Prize award for making an important discovery about the body’s circadian rhythm and its...

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Notifications can often distract students from what is really important. By turning off your notifications, you are tuning out unwanted distractions.

No Notifications Day

Grace Drawdy, Editor-in-Chief November 10, 2017

On October 13, 2017 teachers and students of South Forsyth High School were encouraged to participate in No Notifications Day. The goal of this day was to see if you control your technology, or if your...

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Adults, teenagers, and children alike gathered together for the Q-topia concert on October 27nd. The night was filled with music from favorite artists from the 90s to now. The audience was excited to see their favorite artists: Grace Vanderwaal, Fergie, Flo Rida, and Backstreet Boys.

Q-topia brings in fans from all over the state

Alyssa Freyman, Editor-in-chief November 8, 2017

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The plague in Madagascar has sparked fears of a worldwide pandemic like the Spanish Influenza of 1918 which killed tens of millions. A Centers for Disease Control staff microbiologist analyzes a vial of the 1918 flu virus.

Africa on alert for plague

Will Logsdon, Senior Editor November 7, 2017

In the last three months, there has been an outbreak of pneumonic plague in Madagascar which has infected nearly two thousand and killed hundreds. This is a disturbing escalation in the spread of the disease...

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October 21,  2017 - The  South Forsyth Marching Band gathers for a victory photo as the new champions of the Greater Atlanta Marching Festival.

Photo used with permission of Stephen Hendricks and Dixon Pendergrass.

South Forsyth Marching Band wins championship

Elijah Cho, Opinions Section Editor October 31, 2017

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, the South Forsyth Marching Band won first place at the Grovetown Warrior Invitational in Augusta, Georgia. Many hours of effort and practice were put into the band's show,...

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Every day, an average of over 2,000 teens die on the road each year according to CDC statistics. Joshuas Law is a series of requirements that are intended to make teen drivers safer.

Joshua’s Law applied to today’s teenagers

Alyssa Freyman, Editor-in-chief October 30, 2017

Many students today find it difficult to obtain a Class D driver’s license in Georgia, and they wonder why the process isn't simpler. The answer lies in Joshua’s Law. It all started in 2003. A...

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DECA used decorations to display the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Children could play a tossing game.

South Forsyth High School hosts 2nd annual Trunk or Treat

Alyssa Freyman, Editor-in-chief October 27, 2017

On October 26th, South Forsyth High School celebrated their second annual Trunk or Treat, which was held by the Student Government Association. Clubs came to the bus lanes at school and decorated the...

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Students stand to take the NHS pledge, led by Katie Madden. Parents watch from the back of the Dining Hall, taking pictures.

Members attend the National Honors Society Induction Ceremony

Alyssa Freyman, Editor-in-chief October 27, 2017

On the evening of October 24th, junior and seniors who were invited to join the National Honors Society (NHS) attended the annual Induction Ceremony. Students arrived at the War Eagle Dining Hall at 5:20,...

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Denmark High School being constructed as of  August 2017. The high school is expected to open its doors at the start of the 2018-2019 school year. Photo used with permission from Forsyth County Schools.

Redistricting affects South Forsyth

Adithya Ramanujam, Editor-in-chief October 24, 2017

Forsyth County Schools announced in September that they would be redistricting students to accommodate for Denmark High School which will open its doors in 2018. The County has cited overcrowding as...

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The volunteers gather early in the morning to clean up the shores of Lake Lanier. They were given bright, green shirts, trash bags, and gloves before going to pick up the trash.

Going green at Lake Lanier

Alyssa Freyman, Editor-in-chief October 5, 2017

On Saturday, September 23, students met at Lake Lanier, while trying their very best to stifle their yawns. While other students were sleeping in their warm beds on the first day of Fall Break, others...

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Scott McIntyre and his associate diligently work on the set of wings in the Plaza.

Splash of color improves school spirit

Brittany Rodi and Sophie Ralph September 20, 2017

Walking back and forth inside and outside of the school can be a pain. With often nothing but earbuds to keep students company the walk is long and boring and sometimes dreaded. Thankfully a new demonstration...

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John Trautwein visited South on Friday, September 9, and spoke to parents about his son Wills suicide. His message stresses parent and educator understanding of the  pressure and stress students struggle to manage.

Suicide month at South changes mindsets

Will Logsdon, Senior Editor September 15, 2017

Teen suicide prevention is recognized annually during the month of September. The counseling department has organized several programs and events this month to initiate a dialogue about teens and mental...

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