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Running in the rain. Carmel Yonas sprints out the last few yards of the 3.1 mile-run. She crossed the finish line with a bright smile plastered on her face.

Q & A with Carmel Yonas: from sneakers to trophies

Maggie Craig, Features Editor November 13, 2020

16-year-old Carmel Yonas approached the starting line, her heart pounding in her throat before the race began. She took a deep breath and gazed down at her worn-out tennis shoes, watching the saturated...

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Let the games begin. The South Forsyth Varsity gymnastics team prepares to compete. Senior Sydney Goncalves, junior Emma Knezevich, freshman Abby Molish, freshman Alice Wang, freshman Carina Leftovits, sophomore Avery Sitko, senior Kelsey Watson, and sophomore Lia Carter, patiently awaited the start of the competition where they won second place.

South Forsyth Varsity gymnastics team reaches another victory at their second competition

Kelsey Watson, Staff Writer March 12, 2020

On February 29th, the South Forsyth Varsity Gymnastics team competed at the Bio Gymnastics Center for their second meet of the season. With the beginning of a new season, many new gymnasts joined the team...

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Sports are worldwide. Sports have a large impact on society in every part of the world. The attitudes, actions, and outlook of professional athletes broadcasted on tv play a large role in how high school athletes view themselves and act in class.

Coach’s Corner: How do professional athletes influence high school athletes?

Kayleigh Emberton, Senior Editor December 11, 2019

Fanatics all over the world pass down the love of sports teams to the generations below them; it brings families together or places walls at the dinner table. Fans spend millions of dollars a year on jerseys,...

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Bearing sashes after victory. From left to right: Hannah Gannon, Emilee Spicer, Cate DeCastro, Alejandra Pena celebrate after the Zone 4 finals. Excluding Hannah Gannon, the other equestrian girls are captains of the equestrian team, with Emilee Spicer as the junior varsity captain.

Interviewing the senior Equestrian Varsity Co-captains

Lauren Holiday, News Editor May 3, 2019

With the 2019 school year coming to a draw, hundreds of seniors will be graduating from South Forsyth to continue their journeys outside of campus. It is a time where friends and family may break apart...

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It's all in the mind. Coach Ronnie Davis of the golf team explains how golf has become so close to his life. He elaborated that golf requires confidence and resolution to succeed.

Interview with Ronnie Davis: the coach of South’s golf team

Naisha Roy, Copy Editor April 24, 2019

Golf at South Forsyth has seen many accomplishments this season. Boys Varsity golf finished 3rd in the Johnny Paulo Invitational out of 20 teams with a score of 302. They finished 1st among public schools...

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Dedicated team. The JV Boys team here at South practice for 4 days each week, from Monday to Thursday. Every practice lasts about 2 hours. It definitely takes a committed team to take that much time out of their lives for South’s tennis team.

Interviewing Jakson Klosterman

Minakshi Shivananda, News Editor April 3, 2019

As the JV tennis season is coming to a close, both of the JV boys’ and girls’ are preparing for Regionals. With only two losses in their season and seven wins, they go into regionals with an exemplary...

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An alternative route. Coach Wagner serves as the JV Head Soccer Coach and is a teacher for weight training and health. His approach to learning and teaching is unique and allows students to learn more about themselves as they move along.

Interviewing the head coach of South’s JV soccer team

Shree Delwadia, Associate Editor February 25, 2019

As spring makes its way closer, the soccer team starts to prepare for the upcoming season. A player kicks the ball around with side to side feet movement, attempting to make a goal. Together, the team...

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On pointe. South Forsyth has begun their inagural season for their dance team. Twelve girls compete in a range of dance competitions for the school. Sophomore Sloane Womac commented,

An Interview with Sloane Womac

Sadie Rawlings, Co-associate Editor January 30, 2019

Q: When did you start dancing and how did you discover your love of dance? A: I started dancing when I was three years old, and I discovered my love for dance when I performed in my first dance recital....

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Eye on the ball. Makenna swings the bat with concentration, aiming to make an offensive play. Known for her offensive power, Makenna is seen as a threat to opposing teams.

Rising to the top: Student athlete Makenna Segal

Kayleigh Emberton, Senior Editor December 9, 2018

Spectators watch with their breaths held as south slugger Makenna Segal steps up to the plate. The pitcher wipes her forehead and reads the sign from the catcher. She starts to wind up and the ball seems...

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South and proud. Lauren Baccari stands in front of the South Forsyth High School logo, proud to be on the softball team. She has played softball since she was 4 years old, growing and improving in the sport ever since.

Interviewing a signed-off senior athlete

Alyssa Freyman, Editor-in-chief November 28, 2018

South's softball season ended on Oct 18th, to the dismay of the varsity softball players. They began to realize that some of their teammates will be wearing different jerseys next season as seniors start...

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Michael Landreneau (left) and Brett Morlanne (right)  were photographed after winning 3rd place in the qualifiers for nationals. Nationals will take place in June on Lake Pickwick in Alabama.

South Forsyth goes bass fishing with Scott Morlanne

Lauren Holiday, News Editor March 20, 2018

The South Forsyth Bass Fishing club is one of the new additions available to outdoor sports enthusiasts. This club originated from North Forsyth High School and was sponsored by Scott Beard seven to eight...

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Student athlete, Luis Gonzalez, is posing outside of his math class. The diligent student wonders of his life after high school.

Student athlete, Luis Gonzalez, has high hopes for the future

Kayleigh Emberton , Senior Editor February 13, 2018

South Forsyth's Wrestling team is staffed by many impressive athletes. However, one of these students stands out from among the rest. Luis Gonzalez is a SFHS wrestler who is pushing the sport's boundaries...

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