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James Webb Telescope

Anybody Out There? The James Webb Telescope Helps Narrow Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Avani Prabhu, Copy Editor September 10, 2022

The scientific community of Earth is buzzing with excitement over the James Webb Telescope's recent discovery of carbon dioxide on a distant exo-planet, WASP-39b. The telescope's photos may leave the...

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Long live the Queen. Britains Queen Elizabeth II passes away on Thursday, Sept. 9th. Her eldest son, Charles, ascended the throne upon his mothers death.

The End of an Era: Queen Elizabeth II Passes Away at 96

Maggie Craig, Editor-In-Chief September 10, 2022

On Sept. 8th, Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at 96 years old at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, her lifelong summer retreat. After serving for seven decades, Elizabeth II was Great Britain’s longest-reigning...

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Stabbing at the Mall of Georgia. Macys manager gets stabbed amidst a robbery. 27-year-old Jose Reyes-Serrato was shot and arrested for the robbery.

Attempted Jewelry Theft Injures 1, Closes Mall of Georgia Temporarily

Maggie Craig, Editor-In-Chief September 6, 2022

On Friday, Sept. 2nd, 27-year-old Jose Reyes-Serrato attempted to rob the jewelry department at Macy’s in the Mall of Georgia. According to officials, Reyes-Serrato allegedly armed himself with a kitchen...

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Prom royalty. Seniors Emory Hilton and Praneet Venigalla smile bright as they proudly wear their crowns. Both seniors were beyond grateful as it marked a special moment in their high school journey.

A Walk in the Enchanted Forest: SFHS Celebrates Prom 2022

On Friday, April 15th, SFHS students and their dates dressed in long, shimmering dresses and fitted tuxedos walked through lush greens and fairy lights upon entering the ballroom. South students and guests...

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The beauty of colors. Students from South Forsyth High School crowd together as they celebrate the Hindu festival of colors, Holi. Individuals from all over the county came together to rejoice as they created new memories with their friends and familiy.

Bright Colors and Brighter Smiles: Cumming Fairgrounds Celebrates Holi

Shree Delwadia and Saanvi Tatipalli March 25, 2022

Vibrant colors sprinkled the scene and cars packed the parking lot underneath the sun at the Cumming Fairgrounds on March 19th. Students, friends, and families joyfully celebrated at the largest...

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Across the world. Officers from all of the world language honor socities pose for a photo in the War Eagle Dining Hall. They were in charge of saying the oaths to induct the new members.

SOFO World Language Honor Societies Honor New Members in Induction Ceremony

Naisha Roy, Copy Editor March 24, 2022

On Thursday, March 17th, at 5:00 p.m, SFHS held its annual World Language Honor Society Induction Ceremony in the dining hall. The National German, Latin, French, and Spanish Honor Societies all banded...

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SpaceX Starlink Broadband Satellite Deployment over Earth by jurvetson is marked with CC BY 2.0. Optioned under Fair Use.

Musk’s Starlink System Provides Internet Service to War-Torn Ukraine

Sayna Kaushik, News Editor March 16, 2022

Elon Musk, infamous Tesla Billionaire and SpaceX CEO, announced on February 26 that SpaceX would provide its Starlink internet service to Ukraine so that citizens of the war-torn nation can have uninterrupted...

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Neighbors and adversaries: The history of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine goes back much further than most modern news coverage suggests. Globalicious! by rogiro is marked with CC BY-NC 2.0. To view the terms, visit

The Historical Background Behind the Russia and Ukraine Conflict

Saahithya Gutta, Saanvi Tatipalli, and Tisha Kaur March 7, 2022

On February 24th, Russia invaded Ukraine, shocking Ukrainians and countries around the world. The events that followed included a long list of unprecedented acts and an even longer list of exceptional...

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European Parliament Plenary. On March 1st, President von der Leyen solidifies support for Ukraine and condemns Russia’s aggressions. She announced EU sanctions and the distribution of the budget to provide appropriate aid.

Nations, Alliances Unite to Provide International Support for Beseiged Ukraine

Shivani Murugapiran, Staff Writer March 2, 2022

Fear and uncertainty have spread rapidly throughout the world as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues to escalate. Increasing international support, combined with Ukraine’s requests to join the European...

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Minister of Defence of Ukraine: Russia delivers militants, armament, equipment, munitions through the Ukrainian eastern border by Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Live Updates

Last updated Tuesday, March 8th at 11:26 a.m. Up until Wednesday, February 23rd, the Russian-Ukrainian border stood on the precipice of invasion as conflict rose from both sides. Russia moved medical...

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New Supreme Court Nominee, D.C. Circuit Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Judge Jackson was nominated to take retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyers place. She has served in the U.S. Army and has experience as a public defender.

Biden Nominates D.C. Circuit Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court

Sayna Kaushik, News Editor February 25, 2022

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announced on January 27, 2022, his retirement from the nation’s highest court, creating the opportunity for President Joe Biden to appoint a replacement.  On February...

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Polling Volunteering. SFHS IB students volunteer at the Cumming polling station for the 2021 election cycle. The Forsyth County Board of Elections recently decided on new regulations that would affect these polling stations for the 2022 cycle.

Forsyth County Board of Elections Releases Details About 2022 Advanced Voting

Naisha Roy, Copy Editor February 17, 2022

On Friday, February 11th, 2022, the Forsyth County Board of Voter Registrations and Elections (BRE) called a special meeting to discuss the updates to advance voting procedures and locations for the 2022...

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