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An example of a shade “match” on skin with a darker skin tone. (Ayati Yadav)

101 Variations of Pale: The Struggle

Ayati Yadav, Staff Writer April 25, 2024

101 Different Variations of Pale: The Struggle How would you feel walking down the beautiful aisles of Ulta or Sephora, knowing that no matter how hard you search or how much you spend, you won’t...

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In a world where careers are seemingly meaningless, the addition of a influencer pathway opens up a whole new world of options to students.

The Newest, Most Best Pathway: Becoming An Influencer 101

Saanvi Tatipalli and Tisha Kaur February 13, 2024

Full disclaimer: This is satire. Many of today’s influencers have worked extremely hard to get to where they are and have inspired many people along their journey. Social media is an incredibly useful...

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Many teens get their license after their 16th birthday or in the months that follow. According to the CDC, up until recently, “motor vehicle crashes” have been the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States.

Is 16 too Early? Freedom is Great, but it Comes with Greater Responsibilities Behind the Wheel

Rathna Malapati, Assistant Clubs Editor February 28, 2023

“A lot of people do really well on the driving test, but they’re still often horrible, unsafe drivers on the road,” said South Sophomore Caylie Perrella. Perrella took her driving test on Dec....

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Introverts get easily overwhelmed when theyre around too many people. They work better when left alone with their own thoughts.

One isn’t the Loneliest Number: Schools Must do More to Support Introverts

Avani Prabhu, News Editor February 13, 2023

Almost 40% of the world’s population consider themselves to be introverts. But in the loud, bustling environment that is public school, this can be pretty hard to believe. It’s hard to get by if you're...

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Since the advent of algorithmic social media, a variety of childrens staples in entertainment, fashion and technology have gone by the wayside. With nowhere else to turn, children are consuming more and more content and experiences targeted towards adults.

The Demise of Childhood: How Modern Media is Killing What it Means to be a Kid

Simra Waheed, Managing Editor February 10, 2023

Every morning I sweep open my curtains to find the streets empty. Parks are barren. Swing sets left rusted. Spiral slides blanketed in years-old rust.  Where have all the kids gone?  In today’s...

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Korean student Hailey Yeon changes her birth name to Western one when she moved to the U.S. Yeon has used this new name for nine years of her life.

We Don’t Need Your Westernized Names

Carmel Yonas, Opinions Editor & Senior Reporter February 9, 2023

I dread the days my real teachers aren’t in class.  When they don’t show up, that means we have a substitute teacher. And having a substitute teacher means the following question: "Is it Car-mul...

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Gifted kids get to experience school in a much different way than regular students. However, in the long run,  gifted students face the challenges of burnout and mental stress.

A Gift or a Curse? Gifted Education Doesn’t Automatically Equal Success

Diya Maheshwari and Charley Sarmiento February 8, 2023

"I had to work harder to prove my worth because a lot of people believe if you’re not Gifted, you’re not smart," said Maggie Craig, a senior at South Forsyth. Craig's many accomplishments include...

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South Forsyth High School cancels their first Winter Homecoming due to lack of participation. Students found the dance to be not worth the time and money, but is there something else thats causing the death of school dances?

The Death of School Dances: How We Cancelled Winter Homecoming

Maggie Craig, Editor-In-Chief February 1, 2023

As winter break came to an end, I returned to my club duties and checked my unopened messages. Our sponsors received an email saying that we needed to nominate representatives from our clubs for the Winter...

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With an annual growth rate of 7.1%, the average cost of college tuition in the U.S. has more than doubled since the turn of the century, leaving college students in a problematic situation.

The Sky-Rocketing Cost of Education is Killing “The American Dream”

Sophia Prashanth, Lifestyle Editor & Social Media Lead January 18, 2023

We all remember being a little kid full of dreams, wanting to go to Harvard or Yale, thinking this dream will turn into a reality because we wanted it to. We all remember telling our parents, teachers...

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Infographic describing statistics of young voters during the 2022 Midterm Election.

Becoming an Adult in America: Voting is the Best way to Ensure Democracy Thrives

Carmel Yonas, Opinions Editor & Senior Reporter December 14, 2022

Voting for the first time felt surreal. As I stood in line with my mom, I couldn’t help but feel like an adult. In my early teenage years, I had a preconception about elections - that the process...

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Student at library. As students all around the nation head back to school, many still struggle with comparing themselves to others and obsessing over academics. Students believe that acceptance into the top schools can only come from being one step ahead of their peers. As a result, many students that left high school have permanent damage to their mental, physical, and emotional states.

Don’t Let ‘High Achieving’ Students Make You Feel Anything Less

Carmel Yonas, Opinions Editor & Senior Reporter October 19, 2022

Out of everything that causes stress for teens—whether it's their home life, peers, academics, or health—school can be the most anxiety-inducing. This anxiety is only compounded by our culture's...

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Introducing the War Eagle Way! South Forsyth High School initiates a new policy to help students stay engaged in the classroom and to encourage being on time. The new disciplinary system saw a reduction of tardies and phone usage at South.

Make Way for ‘The War Eagle Way’: It’s More Necessary Than You Think

Rathna Malapati, Assistant Clubs Editor September 17, 2022

I took in the afternoon sunshine as I sat down beside a wall near the Arena for lunch. “Isn’t it nice?” my friend asks. “We didn’t get anything like this in middle school.”  That’s...

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