Empowering Minds & Inspiring Lives: SFHS HOSA Campaigns for Mental Health Awareness

South students created an organization to remind all members of our community that sometimes it’s not just in your head.
South Forsyth HOSA students volunteering at a retirement home and handing out valentines cards. They distributed out handcrafted cards that were filled with heartfelt messages, and smiles were gifted in return.
South Forsyth HOSA students volunteering at a retirement home and handing out valentine’s cards. They distributed out handcrafted cards that were filled with heartfelt messages, and smiles were gifted in return.
Shubham Shah

In the United States alone, there are about 57 million people who suffer from mental health disorders. Over 970 million individuals worldwide suffer from a mental health illness.

Considering that one in five people suffer from a mental health issue, these statistics are startling. These illnesses should be discussed more frequently because they are often overlooked. 

Mental Health affects how individuals think, feel, and act. From youth to maturity, mental health is crucial at every stage of life. Both physical and mental well-being are crucial aspects of one’s overall health.

Depression, for instance, raises the risk for a variety of physical health issues, especially chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. In the same way, having long-term medical issues can raise your chance of mental illness.

Junior Dylan Cox spoke up about the issue, saying, “I think mental health is a very important issue that is often looked over and when looked over, it puts people in an even worse mental space. I think it should be talked and dealt with a lot more and not pushed to the side.”

A group of teenagers at South Forsyth High School are aiming to make that sort of difference in the community by spreading awareness about mental health. Shubham Shah, Subash Sankar, Amaan Mohamed, and Advay Kariyaden started a campaign named Empowering Minds and Inspiring Lives

Our ultimate goal is to spread awareness about mental health disorders to everyone in our community.

— Amaan Mohamed

When asked how they are helping spread mental health awareness, Shah said, “We are helping spread awareness about these issues through social media. We actively post on Instagram and TikTok and use fun videos and posts to teach people. On Instagram we post facts and tips on how to handle depression, whereas on TikTok we use recent trends to make funny videos to hopefully make a person feel more positive that day.”

They are also utilizing their healthy relationships with faculty and peers to get through to teenagers at South Forsyth High School and spread knowledge about mental health issues.

HOSA students are getting SFHS teachers involved in spreading awareness of mental health disorders. Teachers have encouraging messages displayed on their boards.

“We have also been interacting with our school peers and teachers to help spread awareness,” Shah said. “For example, we have interviewed students on their struggles and how they overcame them. And have talked to many teachers in our school to keep up signs and positive messages on their white boards to help extend positivity.”

Additionally, Empowering Minds and Inspiring Lives are disseminating knowledge and instruction on how to help people with these disorders. 

“When addressing someone struggling with mental health issues, it’s crucial to approach them with empathy and support, validating their feelings and ensuring they don’t feel alone,” Mohamed said. “Offering a non-judgmental ear and suggesting professional help can be immensely beneficial, alongside being present and offering specific assistance as needed.”

Sometimes the most powerful tool to assist someone with mental illness is as simple as showing them love and compassion, and encouraging them to see themselves the same way.

“It’s helpful to remind them of their strengths and the importance of self-compassion, maintaining regular check-ins to show ongoing support,” Kariyaden said. “Respecting their journey and providing information on available resources while adapting your approach to their unique situation can make a significant difference, emphasizing that seeking help is a sign of strength and an important step towards healing.”

Further good advice for individuals that might be or are struggling with these mental health disorders is to take care of your body holistically.

“Focusing on keeping healthy eating habits and a good sleep schedule will definitely help,” Sankar said. “A healthy, functioning body is a vital factor in overcoming mental health issues.”

The Empowering Minds and Inspiring Lives Campaign strives to make a difference in the community one post at a time by providing knowledge to everyone about mental health disorders and how to overcome them. 

They choose to be the light that everyone needs. 

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