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Traveling the globe.  Freshman Takumi Otani looks at a map in wonder of where he'll end up next. Considering all the places he has traveled already, his life is full of new adventures and discoveries.

Takumi Otani: a traveler among us

September 14, 2019

The scorching Georgia heat greeted the passengers with its brilliant rays after the lengthy nine-hour flight. Many aboard the plane were coming back home after a vacation abroad. However, for Takumi Otani’s family, it was their first time entering th...

The Tree of Life. German students prepare uniquely designed egg shells, to decorate the tree located outside of West Hall at South Forsyth. The German tradition has been practiced for decades in German tradition, in which a delicate, complex procedure was done to obtain a perfect eggshell ornament. The fortunate students in German club were given the chance to obtain a taste of German culture by practicing this interesting tradition.

Tree of Life: A German Tradition

April 17, 2019

One usual routine in the German club is, for the class to discuss and learn about the many traditions in German culture. At South Forsyth, Mr. Strecker’s German club tends to participate in hands-on activities. They also host several festivals througho...

German foreign exchange, Lara Herrmann, gives a presentation to the journalism class on the popularity of Schlager Music in Germany.

German students take on SFHS

October 17, 2018

Students arrive at the Atlanta airport, 4,671 miles away from their homes in Leipzig, Germany. This is their first tour of America, visiting Washington, D.C. a couple of weeks before. They meet their student hosts from South Forsyth High School and t...

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