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Let the games begin. The South Forsyth Varsity gymnastics team prepares to compete. Senior Sydney Goncalves, junior Emma Knezevich, freshman Abby Molish, freshman Alice Wang, freshman Carina Leftovits, sophomore Avery Sitko, senior Kelsey Watson, and sophomore Lia Carter, patiently awaited the start of the competition where they won second place.

South Forsyth Varsity gymnastics team reaches another victory at their second competition

March 12, 2020

On February 29th, the South Forsyth Varsity Gymnastics team competed at the Bio Gymnastics Center for their second meet of the season. With the beginning of a new season, many new gymnasts joined the team this year. Due to the newly added members to th...

Sports are worldwide. Sports have a large impact on society in every part of the world. The attitudes, actions, and outlook of professional athletes broadcasted on tv play a large role in how high school athletes view themselves and act in class.

Coach’s Corner: How do professional athletes influence high school athletes?

December 11, 2019

Fanatics all over the world pass down the love of sports teams to the generations below them; it brings families together or places walls at the dinner table. Fans spend millions of dollars a year on jerseys, tickets to games, and other paraphernalia. The m...

Junior Emma Knezevich, Freshman Carina Lefkovits, Senior Kelsey Watson, and Senior Sydney Goncalves wave signs together at the Cumming Fairgrounds. The money raised went to the gymnastics team.

New Recruits Help Out at the SFHS Gymnastics Team Fundraiser

October 20, 2019

On October 7th the South Forsyth High School gymnastics team held their biggest fundraiser at the Cumming Fair. Each year the gymnastics team makes over $400 parking cars at Wells Fargo for five dollars.  The fair fundraiser is always an important ...

Star athletes. Junior Carson Nolan and Freshman Lia Carter stand together celebrating their victories. Both girls have suffered minor injuries, but their motivation and hard work ethic are worth celebrating.

The South Forsyth Gymnastics Team Flips Out Of Prelims

May 16, 2019

The anxious gymnast stands patiently in front of the uneven bars. Her hands are coated with white dusty chalk. The crowd's cheers are passionate and never ending. She looks to the judges as they scribble the score of the previous gymnast on their boards....

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