New Recruits Help Out at the SFHS Gymnastics Team Fundraiser


Rachel Satori

Junior Emma Knezevich, Freshman Carina Lefkovits, Senior Kelsey Watson, and Senior Sydney Goncalves wave signs together at the Cumming Fairgrounds. The money raised went to the gymnastics team.

On October 7th the South Forsyth High School gymnastics team held their biggest fundraiser at the Cumming Fair. Each year the gymnastics team makes over $400 parking cars at Wells Fargo for five dollars. 

Welcome to the team. Freshman Carina Lefkovits officially joins the team and parked cars with the old members. She was ecstatic when she learned that she had a place on the team and looks forward to competing.

The fair fundraiser is always an important time for the South gymnastics team because it is the first activity that allows old and new members to interact. Everyone felt closer by the end of the night after standing outside waving signs the team made together. Coach Naffky organized it so that, “the girls can hang out and get to know each other, and it’s good team-building.” New team member and freshman, Carina Lefkovits said, “All the girls are super warm and friendly and treated me like part of the team.”

This fundraiser is especially lucrative for the team. It helped raise money quickly while also helping the community and Cumming’s fair-goers. “The fairgrounds parking is good because it’s money that 100 percent goes to the team and we don’t have to buy or sell anything,” said Coach Naffky. This allows the team to raise money all in one night without the hassle of spending money.

The first fundraiser event of the year for the South Forsyth High School gymnastics team was as prosperous as ever and provided an opportunity to grow team spirit with the new recruits. The team helped the community and provided a team-building experience for new and old team members.