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Band revival. The Jonas Brothers come back together after being split up for about six years. The new single Sucker is just the beginning; the band is rumored to have already recorded 40 to 50 songs.

Jonas Brothers are “Burnin’ Up” with new single

Alyssa Freyman, Editor-in-chief March 4, 2019

The year is 2005. A group of brothers releases their first album, "It's About Time", grabbing the hearts of teenage girls everywhere. Over the years, they release more music through Disney Channel, have...

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Grouchy Grinch. A movie poster advertising The Grinch hangs outside of AMC theaters at the Collection. The Grinch is the third adaptation of the beloved Dr. Seuss classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Stealing the show: the latest adaptation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Alyssa Freyman, Editor-in-chief November 30, 2018

People sit in the theater, escaping from the summer heat. Sipping on soda and munching on popcorn, they watch the trailers of upcoming movies. Action movies, comedies, and romance movies fill the screen,...

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Billie Eilish performing live at the festival Music Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia with over 40,000 people gathered to watch.

Overview of America’s next top artist: Billie Eilish

Brooke Eldridge, Opinions and Arts and Entertainment Editor November 28, 2018

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Magic and wonder. Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald is the second installment of the Fantastic Beasts movie series. This movie poster displays two of the main characters: Albus Dumblemore and Newt Scamander.

Diving into the world of magic: Crimes of Grindelwald

Kate Haas, Senior Editor November 25, 2018

On the weekend of November 16th, fans lined up to see more of the magical universe J.K Rowling created in The Crimes of Grindelwald directed by David Yates - the sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to...

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The detailed painting above (center canvas) can be described as nothing but a masterpiece. With meticulous detail work, Mrs. Sunil puts hours of time into perfecting her paintings, and making sure each piece expresses strong emotions or themes.

Losing creativity: Art teachers speak out

Shreya Mishra, Senior Editor, Online Lead November 6, 2018

With each brush stroke and a mix of paint in the messy, yet beautiful palette, the image of an alluring rosebud falls together. She smiles in satisfaction as her imagination of the bespeckled beauty begins...

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Gone too soon. A murder victim, 6 year old JonBenét Ramseys grave located at the Saint James Episcopal Cemetery. She was killed in her home on Christmas in 1996, and was best known for her Little Miss beauty pageant win.

Looking back: Two infamous murders

Brooke Eldridge, Opinions and Arts and Entertainment Editor October 31, 2018

There are always people who crave the mysteries of unsolved murders and odd deaths, and I’m here to calm those cravings. I have been fascinated with murder mysteries and horror concepts for years. Especially...

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Dan Browns novels are said to be thrilling, spine-chilling, and mind-blowing.

Reviewing Dan Brown’s novels

Naisha Roy, Copy Editor October 16, 2018

An unbreakable code. A war between science and religion. A plague that could wipe out the world. Dan Brown books tackle topics like these with knowledge and mystery. A perfect read for anyone who loves...

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Sudden mourning. Christopher finds Wellington, his four-legged friend, dead in an alleyway. Mrs. Shears, Wellingtons owner, found Christopher over the dogs body, and assumed he was guilty of the tragedy.

Curiosity comes to life

Sierra Wamsley, Editor-in-Chief October 13, 2018

People walk into the Performing Arts Center with the lights dimming, filled with excitement for the show to begin. The actors and actresses all transform into their characters for the evening. Two and...

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Battle between life and death. Greys Anatomy, produced by Shonda Rhimes, is a television show which portrays the reality of life as both a surgeon and a patient, although a bit dramatized. The show is known as the longest-running ABC drama.

Grey’s Anatomy returns for its 15th season

Shree Delwadia, Editor-In-Chief October 11, 2018

(If you have not caught up with Grey’s Anatomy, be aware that there are spoilers within the article.) This fall, Grey’s Anatomy is returning for its 15th season! This medical show is filled with...

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The journey continues. During my experiences as a writer, journaling takes up a big part in my journey. In this second part of my column, I share my personal experiences and beliefs in the art of journaling.

Broken Lead: Beginning the journey

Elijah Cho, Opinions Section Editor October 3, 2018

Many writers - including myself - tend to picture the image of their writing process in their mind: a confident look on their face, a sharpened pencil smoothly sliding across paper, and the mind overflowing...

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Luna features the life of Reagan and her older brother through his inspiring transition into a transgender woman.

Review of “Luna”, a Transgender Awareness Novel

Lauren Holiday, News Editor October 3, 2018

Silence settled around the classroom after the tests had been taken up. The only audible sound was the quiet whir of the AC coursing through the room from a vent in the ceiling. There was no source of...

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Crowds of teenagers and young adults gather near one of the main stages to hear one of the headlining artists debut for their evening show.

Music Midtown is a hit for Forsyth students

Grace Drawdy, Editor-in-Chief September 19, 2018

Music has rapidly become more and more important to the rising generation. Many love to see their favorite artists live in concerts, and because of this Atlanta hosts a yearly music festival in Piedmont...

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