Birds fight for gold


Christopher Bunker

All night long. War Eagle fans gather together in unified gold to support their school team.

In hope for a win, South supporters dressed in all gold. Gold shirts, ties, pants, hair accessories, and shoes stormed the hallways at the high school. Many teachers and faculty members dressed up for the momentous event of the evening: Friday Night Football.

South kicks off, beginning on their 20-yard line. Quickly, Hillgrove intercepted and brought the ball to the 31-yard line. Hillgrove attempted and missed a 43-yard field goal leaving the War Eagles with the ball. After a quick possession, South ended up punting the football to the 35-yard line. Hillgrove tried for the end zone, but Morris made a touchdown-saving tackle, keeping the score at 0-0 by the end of the first quarter.

The War Eagles received the ball after Morris sacked the hawk’s quarterback. South then ran the ball into the endzone, scoring the first score of the game. Hillgrove then took the ball down to their endzone in hope of a touchdown, but a penalty refuted it. Cruz intercepted the ball on a diving catch with 8:54 left in the first half. Hillgrove scored on a pass play that leveled the score. With 2:30 left in the half, the Hawks easily ran into the endzone, scoring their third touchdown of the game. With only seconds left, South made a failed attempt for a field goal. The quarter ended with Hillgrove ahead, 21-7.

South received the ball at the kickoff of the second half. After multiple incomplete passes, the ball was punted to Hillgrove who ran the ball downfield, breaking multiple tackles in the process. With the field goal fulfilled, the Hawks added an extra 7 points to their lead, 28-7. Hilton blocked passes, forcing Hillcrest to punt. With 4:21 left in the third quarter, the War Eagles scored their second touchdown of the game. The ball was overturned, moving from South talons to Hillgrove where they passed it outside and ran for the touchdown. With the extra points a success, Hillgrove led 35-13. In the last few seconds of the third quarter, South ran another touchdown leaving the score 35-19.

The start of the fourth quarter brought thundering cheers from Hillgrove fans as the ball swiftly moved into the red zone. Hillgrove led 42-19. South received the ball and, with no luck, they punted from deep within their territory. With 6:37 left in the game, the Hawks unsuccessfully attempted a field goal. South ended up losing the game to Hillgrove Hawks.

Gold peeling off skin and clothes torn on the stomach and sides, South supporters left the comfort of the stands for endless drives home. Hillgrove Hawks lived to fly another day.