South prepares for their last regular season matchup against West


Kayleigh Emberton

Down, set, hut! The ball is hurdled into the quarterback’s hands and he looks up, scanning the field for his receiver. A nice pass is thrown into the hands of the receiver as he turns up the field heading for the touchdown. Parents and students stomp their feet and scream, cheering for the boys on the field. This year, the football team went 5-5 in the regular season with two region wins. One of the team captains, Jamal Camp, talks about his leadership and how he worked with the team this season. “Whenever stuff does happen, I just try to, being a leader on the team, I try to hold everybody to that standard of the south way.”

Kayleigh Emberton, Senior Editor

The stands are full for the last game of this year’s regular season. Students and parents fill the bleachers sporting black t-shirts, tutus, and more. The football players stand on the field, warming up and doing pre-game rituals, preparing themselves for the battle against West Forsyth High school.

This Friday, November 2nd, the War Eagles (2-2 region play) and West Forsyth Wolverines (3-1 region play) will face each other in the last game of the regular season. With region wins against Lambert and North, the War Eagles hope to win this last game for the second seed in the playoff bracket. Besides it being the last home game of the regular season, it is also senior night at War Eagle Stadium.

Head football coach Jeff Arnette expresses the importance of this night, “We have been working with them [Seniors] for four years, so this game is always emotional. We have had another great bunch of seniors, so I would think that’s the big focus going in; knowing that we have to say bye to those guys.” Each player will be recognized for their achievements at South during their high school career.

Though losing a close game to Central last week, South Forsyth captain, Jamal Camp, has his head in the game, focusing on his matchups and perfecting techniques.“I think about my one on one matchups. Who am I going to be going against, what does he like to do, if he gives me a certain read, what would I do in that situation.”

Jamal Camp is a defensive lineman and has been voted by the team along with Drew Morris, Louis Gonzales, and Jack Pehrson, to be the captains.

We cannot control what they do, we just kind of go out on defense and do what we do. A lot of emotions get unraveled. A lot of emotions unravel when something goes good or something goes bad.”

— Jamal Camp

Mistakes and attitude have been a big focus the past few weeks for South. They have been addressing mistakes with the whole team as well as a positive attitude going in and out of the games. South has been hammered with many injuries and therefore has been playing with a fairly young team. They are working hard to perfect the mistakes and make this last home game the best.