New Principal Pam Bibik is ‘Back in Blue’

New year, new leadership. Former SFHS teacher and graduation coach Pam Bibik returns to lead South as Principal for the 23-24 school year.


Image courtesy of Mrs. Pam Bibik.

Rathna Malapati, Assistant Clubs Editor

A singer at heart, a Georgia native and a member of FBLA and Future Homemakers of Atlanta (now known as FCCLA), Pamela “Pam” Bibik, the new principal of South Forsyth High School (SFHS), chose education as her career path after three years of exploring during college.

To gain more insight on her transition back to SFHS and her new role, we asked Bibik a few questions regarding her past experiences.

Personal Life to Education

After a childhood in Dalton, Georgia, where she was involved in many aspects of typical high school life before attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to pursue a degree in Secondary Social Science Education.

“I had already been in college for three years with a plan to go to law school, but after three years, I was burnt out,” Bibik said. “When I returned a few years later having decided education was my plan, I had so [many] economics and political science [credits] on my transcript that social studies made the most sense.”

Bibik ultimately decided to become an educator “to help make the world a better place.” After college, she also married and later had three children who would go on to graduate from Forsyth County Schools.

Professional Experience

Pam Bibik started her career as an educator in 1998, approximately 25 years ago, as a Social Studies teacher at Southern Oaks Middle School in Florida. 

After almost seven years as a social studies teacher and then Department Head at St. Lucie West Centennial High School in Port St. Lucie, FL, she took up the same position as a War Eagle at South Forsyth High School. 

From there, Bibik served Lambert High School as a Graduation Coach and Assistant Administrator before her promotion to Assistant Principal, still with the Lambert Longhorns. 

Until she received the news she would be coming to South Forsyth High School as a Principal, Bibik served Riverwatch Middle School as Principal for nearly six years.

As current SFHS Principal Laura Wilson warmly introduced in her February Newsletter, “Mrs. Bibik began her teaching career in Forsyth County at South Forsyth High School and so, in essence, is coming home.”

Favorite memory

Bibik said being an educator for just over 25 years has given her countless favorite memories, but she chose to describe just a few, starting with a memory at the beginning of her career, when she was the Senior Class sponsor and the Student Council sponsor at a newly opened school in Florida.

Bibik was teaching a student leadership class made up of student leaders from a variety of clubs and organizations, and was able to work with the teams of student leaders to build some lasting traditions at the school. 

“It was so much fun—the school is still carrying on those same traditions after 20 years,” Bibik enthused.

Bibik was also ready to share one of her favorite times at South Forsyth High School.

“I had an AP Economics class, and one of the students was incredibly funny…[similar to] Robin Williams,” she said. If everyone in class was on pace and doing well each Friday, she would give him five minutes at the end to entertain everyone. 

“He was hilarious,” Bibik said. “I hope he pursued comedy as a career, but almost everyone in that class scored a 5 on the AP exam that year…He really helped me to motivate everyone!”

As she prepares to take the reins of South for the 23-24 School Year, Bibik is ultimately excited to be “back in BLUE.”