South Shines Neon-Bright for Homecoming 23

South Shines Neon-Bright for Homecoming ’23

The fits. The game. The drama. The yearly Homecoming celebration is an iconic part of the American high school experience. Read on to find out more about how South puts a new spin on an old tradition.
Game On in Neon: South Preps for HoCo Showdown Against Clarke Central
Game On in Neon: South Preps for HoCo Showdown Against Clarke Central

With the homecoming game quickly approaching, the question remains: Who is most likely favored to win the matchup between the South Forsyth War Eagles and the Clarke Central Gladiators?

While offensive strategy is the first thing fans might consider, many believe it will come down to defense.

Varsity Offensive Line and Defensive Lineman, Jake Fisher explained that “I think we’re going to win because our defense makes changes to adjust better to their defense during the game.”

Although South has lost three previous matchups this season, the home field advantage is sure to help the team against the Gladiators, who are currently 2-1 after beating both the Cedar Shoals Jaguars and the Oconee County Warriors, but losing to a strong Gainesville Red Elephants team 24-7.

Last year South Forsyth was able to take down Clarke Central with a score of 41-34. 

This season, Gladiators’ running back CoreyWatkins Jr. has already scored 4 touchdowns (leading the team in scoring) averaging 128.0 yards per game for Clarke Central. 

If South wants to increase their chance of winning this game, they will need to find a way to keep Watkins down.

 “Homecoming week is all exciting,” Head Football Coach Troy Morris said. “I think the kids get excited about all the festivities throughout the week, and the big game caps it off, and they also have the dance after. As far as atmosphere, it’s usually an exciting game because of that.”

Despite the excitement of the week leading up to the game, the players and coaching staff have their eyes fixed firmly on their responsibilities on the field.

“From a football side of things, we really try to focus on the game, and winning it would be a big celebration for our school,” Morris said. “So we’re working hard, our players are working hard, and we’re definitely working as hard as we can to win.” 

When asked if he thought South would win, Coach Morris confidently stated, “Always, we’ve never gone into a game thinking that we aren’t going to win.” 

Regardless of which team emerges victorious this Friday, the game is definitely going to be an exciting one to remember. 

Lighting up the Night: South’s 23-24 Homecoming court is Royally Announced

Glowing and growing is not only embedded in SoFo student culture but also happens to be the 2023-2024 Homecoming theme. This year’s Homecoming Court spotlights 14 royalties, each highlighting their shining characteristics.

The “Royal Court” is as follows:


  • Shravani Vedak
  • Harshith Nakka


  • Paige Harden
  • JJ Edwards


  • Emma Thompson
  • Vilas Vangala


  • Leah Bagwell
  • Charlotte Burt
  • Bridget Gallivan
  • Brooke O’Day
  • Ty Bayer
  • Braden Belue
  • Jack Jeffries
  • Josh Wilson

The crowning will occur on Friday, Sept. 15 at South’s Home Football game during halftime. During the ceremony, each student will parade down the 50-yard line with their parents as their achievements and experiences as high schoolers are celebrated. The crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen will follow the announcement of the court.

Several South students feature varying opinions regarding the Crowning tradition, including whether they should vote for a fellow student or not.

Junior Mehak Vidani says she voted because “I really believed in the person,” and that she enjoys the homecoming tradition because “the whole school comes together as a huge family.”

Similarly, senior Victor Wang says he believes Homecoming is “the time to have fun with your friends and celebrate school spirit.”

However, choosing whether to vote or not is a personal decision. After talking to several students across all grade levels, it was apparent that everyone had their reasons, ranging from not knowing about the form, having friends running for court, and even individual beliefs about the nature of the election. Students who participate reflect wanting to engage in a fun activity where they can vote for a friend or a peer they admire.

Regarding the people who made court, many took the time to reflect on their experiences and thank the people who voted for them.

Each member of the court is involved with the school in exciting ways. The male nominee for the Junior class, Vilas Vangala, is involved with sources of strength, FBLA, HOSA, and is a student ambassador at South.

One of the Senior nominees, Josh Wilson, is the president of the SFHS DECA chapter and is involved in NEHS, NHS, BETA, and MD Junior.

All of these students represent the bright and booming SoFo nation. One thing is for sure: Homecoming and its traditions are creating memories for all of us, and that couldn’t be truer for the people representing the court!”

To Glow or Not to Glow?
To Glow or Not to Glow?

Dance the Night Away!

The Homecoming dance is approaching rapidly, and it’s the talk of the school for good reason. It’s one of the most anticipated social events of the year, from preparing from head to toe to making plans with friends. Many appreciate the opportunity to hang out with peers and take a break from school. It’s a time for people to connect and build deeper relationships while having a blast.

When asking sophomore Kevin Recio Lopez about the main reason he wants to go to Homecoming, he said, “I can spend more time with the person I’m going with.”

It’s one of the main reasons everyone looks forward to Homecoming – those extra hours to spend with friends, creating memories that last for weeks.


There are also students whose friends don’t attend the same school, and it’s a valuable opportunity for them to create new experiences and dance the night away with friends they don’t often see. People frequently visit other schools’ Homecoming dances to reconnect with their friends and meet new people.

“You make good memories,” Lauryn Heath, a senior, said. “And just taking pictures, all your friends are gonna look back and be like, ‘Oh, look how cute my dress was,’ or ‘oh my gosh, [look] how young we [were].” Not only does Homecoming allow for time with friends, but it’s also a new experience for many freshmen and others who haven’t attended in previous years.

Even for people who have already attended, the Homecoming experience is different each year. People get to enjoy the fun of choosing new dresses, which many do with friends, making new plans, and taking more pictures. The cute Homecoming proposals that can be seen around the school are so memorable themselves. There are so many enjoyable activities involved with Homecoming, and the experience is not one to forget.

In the end, Homecoming is all about having fun and being in the moment, regardless of other events going on in life.

Home, Hang Out, Having Fun… Without Hoco!

The question of attending the Homecoming (Hoco) dance or not is a topic buzzing around the school. While some people are enthusiastic about dressing up, going to the dance, and hanging out with friends, others may feel there is no point in attending Hoco and are more inclined to skip it. From the crowded gyms to the dating drama, it is clear to see why Hoco might not be an event for everybody.

Hansika Pulietikurthi, a junior at SFHS, had made plans with friends to go out and eat dinner instead of attending the dance.

“Because we as friends get more one-on-one time,” Pulietikurthi said. “We don’t have to pay the entrance fee, and there’s more things to do other than being in the gym.”

A significant factor in people’s unwillingness to attend the dance is the unbalanced comparison between the entrance fee cost and the activities during the dance. The cost of an individual ticket is $25, and a couples’ ticket is $40. However, is it really worth paying that much money just to dance in a gym for a few hours?

“It was really overcrowded last year, [and] you couldn’t really see anything with the lights off,” said Pulietikurthi. “You couldn’t move [much] either. You were just there with a ton of other people in [the] room.”

A large part of the issue is that the dance is held in the Blue Gym of the school. It’s a small, enclosed area with not much to do or places to sit around when the dancing gets boring. However, if it were held in the Plaza (similar to in 2021) or in the Arena Gym, the whole experience might be more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, for many people, the reality of the homecoming dance doesn’t meet their expectations and instead leaves them disappointed. While the dance itself may not be the highlight of the night, that doesn’t necessarily mean the whole experience has to be a bust.

Not Going to Hoco? by Charlene Joy Sarmiento

There is a wide range of activities that people can do with their date or group of friends instead of attending the dance. Such activities include going out to eat dinner, going bowling, or even just hanging out at home.

“Not many of my friends were going, [and] I just wanted to spend time with my family this weekend,” said Megan Tew, a freshman at SFHS.

Not wanting to go doesn’t just have to be because of the bad things, but simply more about spending that time with your friends and family instead.

Hoco doesn’t have to be for everyone. It might not be the perfect fit for people if they don’t enjoy spending time in a crowded room of loud people. Additionally, a person may not attend because they don’t have enough time to go due to their commitment to numerous different activities. In the end, Hoco isn’t for everybody, and we all need to respect that; whether someone is going to Hoco or not is truly their personal decision if they choose to go or not.

Every year, students are faced with the same stressful choice - should they go to homecoming with a friend or with a date?
Navigating the Social Burden of High School Dances: Baes or Besties?

As enjoyable as homecoming week has been for South Forsyth High School students, social dilemmas seem to dampen school spirit as the dance approaches. The question is: should you go with your friends or ditch them for a date?

For a few students, going with both a date and their friend groups works out. But for others, when your friends have a date and you don’t, the FOMO kicks in. You are then faced with a tough decision.

When someone asks you to the dance, you have to decide whether or not you want to go with them. Going with a date can have some great benefits. It allows you to build a stronger relationship with that person and lets you be in a special and more comfortable environment with them. First dates can be awkward. But the fun homecoming dance environment is the perfect way to ease that awkwardness!

On the other hand, some students have the time of their lives with just their friends.

“I’m going with a big group of friends,” sophomore Zane Phelps says. “Because it’s more fun that way.”

Going with someone you want to impress can be stressful, require advanced planning, lead to outfit meltdowns, and become a catalyst for awkward moments. Phelps says, “Going with a date is usually kind of boring unless they’re in your friend group.”

Going with a group of friends could be the perfect way to spend time together and celebrate school spirit hassle-free, especially when it’s really hard to adequately plan a hangout otherwise.

Another part of the social context of homecoming that students have to navigate is choosing what friend group to go with. As people start to make plans, you have to decide which friends to follow along with. And as insignificant as it sounds, it can be a stressful decision for students, especially when your social world matters so much in high school.

Whatever the case, homecoming is about having fun and showcasing your school spirit! This week is supposed to set students up for the long school year ahead and be an opportunity for students to let go of the stressful high school schedule they are met with on a daily basis. Like sophomore Aidan Borden said, “You’re only in high school once.”

So, if you plan on going, try not to worry about the social stress that comes with it. Instead, maybe think about what you are going to wear!

Every year, students are faced with the same stressful choice – should they go to homecoming with a friend or with a date? (Saanvi Tatipalli/The BirdFeed)
Head to Glow! Souths HOCO Fashion is Getting an Overhaul
Head to Glow! South’s HOCO Fashion is Getting an Overhaul

Are you going to homecoming this year? Homecoming is right around the corner and I’m sure you’re wondering what everyone is wearing.

We went around South Forsyth High School and asked several students what changes in style they have seen with homecoming dresses. 

We spoke to Kirthanaa Vinoth and she said “Last year everybody was wearing those tight dresses but now it seems to be more flowy this year.” 

Audrey Owens said “I have noticed a lot more people getting flowy dresses which personally I don’t like but I guess it looks good on some people.” She also said, “I am not really a trend follower, so I am gonna stick with the dresses that look better on me but I have seen some really pretty flowy dresses”.

For a different perspective we asked some boys their opinions on flowy dresses. 

Dylan Temples said “I know my date is wearing a tight dress but I feel like more girls are wearing flowy ones this year.” Zach Roth said “My date is wearing a black loose dress that is very pretty but she wore a tight dress last year.” This shows there are still many girls wearing bodycon dresses but lots are changing it up this year.

It seems that there has been a decline in tight dresses, while flowy dresses have become more in-style this year. Why is this happening? 

One potential reason is because homecoming is two months earlier this year than it was last year and it is a lot hotter outside. Flowy dresses are more breathable and suitable for the warmer weather. 

Another reason is because people might feel more comfortable and confident in a less skin tight dress. Style is constantly evolving and trends come and go. This could be a temporary change or could continue down the road. 

Has style always been this way? 

We interviewed South Forsyth High School’s fashion marketing teacher, Kaitlin Urbanovitch, an alumni of South Forsyth High School herself (class of 2006), about what homecoming looked like when she attended school. 

“Homecoming was a big deal at South when I was here, so we kind of went all out,” she said. When we asked her what style of dress she wore, she said “they were both long dresses.” We asked her if she had observed a shift in style and she said, “I feel like it goes back and forth. 

When I was in high school, we definitely never saw two-piece dresses, which I feel like that’s something that we see a lot more now, and it did not used to be a thing.” Further explaining the shift, she said “When we did homecoming it was all long dresses, like prom style, which I feel like now nobody would be able to process.” 

We interviewed Lila Foster and she explained her dress she wore to last year’s homecoming as “red, tight, and short.” “I wanted something simple, but not too boring, but also not too much, and I felt a simple red dress would do the job.” 

We asked her what her dress looked like this year, and she said “It is a baby blue color with ruffles at the end, more flowy.” We asked her why she thought dress trends were shifting towards flowy over tight, and she said, “Personally, I want to be able to eat and not get bloated and feel self conscious, so I feel like people would just be more comfortable in less skin-tight dresses.”

With the stress of ever-changing HOCO wardrobes, and the flood of dress-decisions, we’ve taken the liberty to take some of the stress off! We’ve made a custom, HOCO GRWM (get ready with me), Spotify Playlist for your fun getting-ready times. 

We also asked a handful of students what kind of music they would like to hear at homecoming. We were given several different genres and tried to incorporate them all into a playlist. We asked Amelia Waring what music sounded most appealing to her and she said, “I think maybe 2010s, like Britney Spears and throwback hits from our childhood.” 

We got a lot of recommendations for rap songs, the most popular being the artist “Yeat.” Some people wanted to hear jazz. Taylor Swift was also a very popular name brought up.

We know that HOCO outfit decisions can be a little stressful at times but we hope some advice from your fellow South students and a GRMW Spotify Playlist can help make those decisions easier. We hope that if you do end up going to HOCO that you have a blast, and if you opt to stay home we hope our Playlist can keep you partying! 

Every year, students struggle to find a homecoming date, but this year, these foolproof methods are sure to get you a date.
Dates, Delulu, and Desperation: How to get A Homecoming Date in 5 Days

The following is a work of satire and not meant to be interpreted as genuine advice.

Our favorite journalist, Andie Anderson, educated us on ‘How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.’ However, it’s homecoming season at South Forsyth High, and now we’re searching for a date in five days.

Instead of taking on the strenuous task all by yourself, we have compiled a list of ideas that are sure to secure you a date just in time for the dance. Depending on where you fall on the relationship spectrum, each of our methods has something for every one.

The three methods below should be used at your discretion, as we will not be liable for any embarrassment, rejection, humiliation, or overall feelings of unease!

“Ten Things I Kinda Like About You”

Now, anyone well-versed in their knowledge of rom-coms knows about the cult classic film “Ten Things I Hate About You.”

We’re not suggesting you pay someone to go out with you and eventually fall in love with them after a long series of trials and tribulations…although that is a totally reasonable outcome. What we propose is putting your own spin on the classic poem at the end of the movie.

We all get bored in English class, and what better way to spice things up than to ask your teacher to recite a poem during class? Even better if the poem is totally cheesy and you end up crying by the end of it. (Hey, we love authenticity!) Make sure your poem has little quirks embedded in it about your date that may even seem creepy to others, but it’s endearing when you do it, of course.

Now, if poetry is not your thing and you struggle a little with the overall concept of public speaking, try one of our other methods, such as staging your very own superhero moment!

“You Saved My Life!”

Imagine your target talking about how you saved their life; that’s surely a locked-in date. Only one issue is posed: how will you “save” their life?

Unlike the others, this one surely requires more commitment. To begin with, you must know their schedule; the best way to get this information is to inconspicuously follow them around or hide in their house. I recommend a bush suit for the former, or hiding with a lampshade over your head for the latter. (There’s no way you could be spotted!)

After you know everything about this person, hire a hitman to injure them. Now, you choose when to pounce; after practice is always the best time.

As the hitman is about to strike, you jump out from the shadows and make animal noises, scaring the hitman away! The next words that greet you are, “Oh my god ____, you saved my life! Will you go to Homecoming with me?”

If you’re not ready for this level of action and prefer a more laid-back method, you can always…

“Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss!”

When it comes to getting what you want, the best thing a person can do is to manipulate! The rules are simple: Once you’ve acquired the person of your choice, you need to persuade this person into thinking that you’re the only thing they’re ever going to need.

Think of it like a game of cat and mouse, except you’re the perpetrator! Once the game has gone on enough to your liking (or to the point they begin losing their mind), you’ll hit them with a sigh and slyly hint at wanting to be asked to homecoming.

They’ll ambush you with the anticipated question straight away. This method never fails and will undoubtedly get you the date you desire.

There you have it, folks! Here’s how to secure a homecoming date in record time. Who knew that poetry recitations, lampshade disguises, and hitmen could be the keys to your perfect date? But let’s not forget our ultimate game-changer: “Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss!”

In all seriousness, remember that building a meaningful connection and securing a date should always be done with respect, honesty, and consent. So go out there and be yourself to create lasting memories and, most importantly, have fun!


Every year, students struggle to find a homecoming date, but this year, these foolproof methods are sure to get you a date. (Diya Maheshwari/The BirdFeed)
Students show out for South Forsyths Twin Day!
“It’s a Great Day to be a War Eagle”: South Forsyth’s Staff Speak on Spirit Week

It’s Monday morning, and you have just arrived at South Forsyth High School, but something’s different. The principal wearing slippers and pajama pants, counselors dressed up as if they were in a Wild West movie, English teachers ready for a golf tournament and math teachers looking like they just came out of an 80s music video. Welcome to South Forsyth High Schools spirit week!

Homecoming Spirit Week is just around the corner in the second week of September, an exciting way to start off the fall season here at South Forsyth. Staff and students alike are able to dress in fun-themed costumes each day of spirit week.  It’s something every student looks forward to at the start of the year, especially the new Freshmen who are able to celebrate Spirit Week with the rest of South Forsyth High School.
English teacher Nicole Landon comments: “I like seeing kids getting excited about homecoming. I love to see their takes on things.” 

It’s not just the kids who have fun taking on spirit week, but the teachers too. The themes are something that the teachers are able to participate in as well, having their own takes on the Spirit Week themes.

One of our math teachers, Kassie Smith remarks about the bonds she has made with both her students and colleagues during Spirit Week, “I love having a good time, dressing up, being goofy, and building a community. I think school spirit is really important. The whole high school experience is about so much more than just academics. I love the memories we can create by balancing an academically challenging environment with a fun, inclusive community.” School is a place where kids learn, but not everything is about learning algebraic equations, it is also a place where kids learn social skills and build relationships with one another.

Our instructional coach, Leah McGray expands on the importance of Spirit Week for the school: “South is one of the best high schools, not just in our county, but in our state. When we participate in having school spirit, we are helping to demonstrate our War Eagle pride.”

Monday, September 11th is Pajama Day. Science teacher Jennifer Clendenen says that the pajama day is “hands down” her favorite day of the week, and Mrs. McGray agrees, stating that pajama day is always her favorite day of Spirit Week.

On Tuesday, the Country to Country Club theme busted out many John Deer hats being worn by both students and staff members, while others dressed up as golfers. One of our counselors here at south, Shari Frankel remarks that she “loves cowboy days”

Wednesday brought many doppelgangers for our Twin day. Social studies teacher, Brad Frilot mentions: “I enjoyed twin day this year because my son is a sophomore and he matched with me.”

Finishing off with Thursday, Glitz and Glow day, and Friday where each grade showcased our school colors for the game against Clarke Central High School. Our freshmen wore white, sophomores wore gray, juniors wore blue, and our seniors wore black. During the school game, Assistant Administrator Mary Cooper states: “Seeing former students come back from college to see the game is the best!” 

All and all, another great spirit week for South Forsyth high school with all the fun and get ups. Frankel notes, “Even if you don’t own anything that has to do with each day of spirit week, you can always think outside the box and get creative! That’s a part of the fun with spirit week!”

 A statement that Mr. Frilot agrees wholeheartedly with, “It’s always tough coming up with creative outfits for each theme, but that’s what makes it more fun seeing the kids come up with their own amazing ideas.”

With another Spirit Week at South Forsyth High school coming to an end, students are left to think about how this week is such an important part of both our school and many others.

Even though this year’s spirit week is wrapping up, South will always carry spirit into the coming future, and like what Athletic Director Keith Gravitt always says, “It’s a great day to be a War Eagle!” and go South!

Students show out for South Forsyth’s Twin Day! (The Bird Feed Staff)
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