The Ice Complex Keeps Winter Year-round

For winter lovers and people seeking a place to escape the oncoming heat, The Ice Complex in Cumming, Forsyth is the place to go. The convenience of the rink seems solely focuses on families of school goers, with open hours ranging through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For prices and a list of their hours, visit their website, The Ice Complex tells how they hope to expand the love for the ice rink and the opportunities it provides to others. Outside of their birthday catering, there is the chance to be introduced to figure skating and hockey.

They present classes for these activities as well as schedule competitions and games for the public. Their figure skating classes: Learn to Skate, or LTS for short, feature twelve 30 minute group lessons, skate rental, and a free skater pass valid for twelve public skate sessions. When registering for a twelve week session, check in early for a relieving $25 discount. Lessons contain different introductory classes including the six basics to skating, PreFreestyle, Snowplow Sam, and Icemen. In the classes, the six basics to skating and PreFreestyle, there are six skating jumps to learn; in order of difficulty there are the Salchow, the Toe Loop, the Loop Jump, Flip Jump, the Lutz Jump, and the Axel Jump. Snowplow Sam is a program to help preschooler aged children; and Icemen is a program focused primarily on male figure skaters. In total, the pricing is a solid $275 without the early registration.

If figure skating doesn’t sound intense enough, then the Ice Complex also presents a six week session for learning how to play hockey (LTPH). The price for these sessions are significantly less than figure skating, starting at $95 per skater for ages four and up. Hockey group lessons last for 50 minutes on Saturdays and Wednesdays. For passionate hockey players, the Ice Complex presents the opportunity to be selected into their Bandit Hockey Association team. For more information on their Bandits Travel Hockey, click here. Otherwise, skaters eighteen and older can play all weekdays, excluding Thursdays, for $10 each.

For the readers who find no appeal in either of these sports, the Complex also holds birthday parties. Pizza, hot dogs, chips, and popcorn are on their menus. Birthday party packages automatically include the food, refreshments, a one hour private party room, and two hour public skate session admission. Depending on the amount of people invited for the group get-together, prices can change. Follow this link here to see more information.

In conclusion, the Ice Complex provides a range of entertainment and possibilities to find something new to be passionate about. Whether it’s hot or cold out, skating on ice can be a fun and refreshing hobby. Take a short four minute drive from campus after school on weekends to hang out with friends for an hour or two to pass the time. Enjoy the winter while it lasts, but enjoy the ice even longer.