What’s “Adam Sandler Day”? South Shows Their Spirit With Unique Themes

October 31, 2022

During Homecoming Week, students and faculty at South Forsyth High donned costumes of all kinds to show their school spirit. Each day had a new theme for everyone to show off their creativity, and they did not disappoint.

Pajama Monday was first and people came to school dressed in their favorite sleepwear. Some had their flannel pajamas while others wore their onesies. Dressed in such comfortable clothes, everyone was excited to see what the next few days would bring.

On Adam Sandler Tuesday, many people showed up in their long baggy shorts and loose t-shirts to replicate Sandler’s iconic paparazzi pictures. People took this iconic fashion sense to the level by wearing their favorite baseball caps on their heads with the brim turned around to add their own Sandler flair.

Next up was Wild West Wednesday. Students and staff sported wide-brimmed cowboy hats and jeans to look like the famous ranchers of the west. This theme had SFHS visit the Wild West in the middle of the week.

Game day Thursday was the day of the long-awaited football game between Central Forsyth and South. Everyone showed their support by wearing their class colors. Shades of white, gray, blue, and black were seen in the hallways all day. Topped off by the South victory, it was a satisfying conclusion to Spirit Week.

2022 SFHS Spirt Week by Sophia Margarette Craig

Students shared their retrospective opinions on South’s take on the high school tradition.

“Spirit week was good,” said freshman Alex Martinez. “It was fun seeing other people be creative in what they brought, and other people interacting with you to talk about the item that you brought.”

SFHS’s National Honors Society (NHS) serves the community through volunteer and community service, but this year, they also pitched in to improve engagement in this year’s Spirit Week.

We spoke with NHS President, Alex Gliwinski, who told the Bird Feed Staff about how the NHS officer team got their members to participate in school spirit.

“Spirit has really become a top priority at South this year. Naturally, we, as NHS, had to adapt to reflect this goal within our projects. We began sanctioning the Friday football spirit days which culminated in HOCO Spirit Week. We awarded half an hour for dressing up and taking a picture in front of our selfie station. In just the month of October, we had over 90 members submit spirit wear for hours. We also created the selfie station in the atrium (pictured in the slideshow) and throughout the year, the officers had been decorating it for each Friday football spirit day,” Gliwinski said. “We’ve incentivized members through service hours and comparing our first dress up day in August to our most recent in October, it’s evident that participation has skyrocketed.”

Thanks to Gliwinski and the efforts of NHS, South saw a positive change in the mood and school spirit of the students and staff. The school community is beginning to see past the support for just the football team, and Spirit Week has transformed into a week of unity and solidarity.

“To me, Spirit Week is really about building community. South is a huge school and it’s super easy to get lost in those numbers. By creating these days for us to all come together, no matter how goofy the theme, unity is growing,” Gliwinski reflected. “I think there’s lots of other fun elements of spirit week. Watching the game is fun, seeing creative costumes is interesting and obviously the dance is one of the key events STUCO (Student Council) puts on for students. To me though, I think bringing the student body together, even in something as simple as the same outfit, is the most important part.”


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