South Forsyth Varsity girls dominate North Forsyth on the soccer field


The North Forsyth soccer field. The War Eagles pressure the North defense in front of the North goal box. South maintained high pressure throughout the game, allowing them to steal balls from North and create scoring opportunities.

Kailee O'Donnell, Sports Editor

On Friday, March 12th, South Forsyth High School varsity soccer girls had a major victory against North Forsyth High School. The varsity girls maintained control and possession of the ball, keeping the ball on the North Forsyth half for the majority of the game. 

South started the game with the kickoff. Immediately, senior defender Sage Smith played a long ball to the North Forsyth corner flag for senior midfielder Taylor Reeves to run onto and cross. Reeves reached the ball and crossed it back into the box for Smith to take a shot, but the keeper caught the ball. This beautiful one-two play was only the beginning of South’s collaborative passes and plays throughout the game. 

At the 32 minute mark, North Forsyth fouled South with an aggressive play. Junior defender Sam Haines played the ball into the box and Reeves settled the ball and scored. However, the referee retracted the goal because a South player ran past the North defense into the box before Haines played the ball, resulting in an offsides call. Only a minute later, Haines took another free-kick after another penalty from North. After, she played the ball over the defense to senior midfielder Paige Cribben, who took the shot but hit the side of the net.

Free kick for South. Haines takes the free-kick for South, aiming to play the ball over the North midfield. Haines proved to have a strong kick, taking the majority of free kicks for South.

Throughout the game, South Forsyth continued to keep high pressure and maintain possession by executing controlled passes and effective communication. Senior forward Emily Crowder took a free-kick from the right of the goal box at the 30-minute mark. Senior midfielder Ally Bridwell received the ball, turned, and scored the first goal for South. 

The War Eagles team not only displayed a skilled offensive and midfield lineup, but the defense also proved to be a strong asset to the team. The defense showed their skill especially between the 25-15 minute marks, where North Forsyth had multiple opportunities to get close to the South goal and score, but the South defense shut down each of their attempts. 

At the 20 minute mark, North had a free-kick after a foul by South on the midfield line. A North defender played the ball over the defense for a player to take a shot, but senior defender Peyton Burch settled the ball and cleared it. A minute later, North had a breakaway through the South defense, but senior goalie Noelle Choate blocked the ball and hit it out of bounds. North then had a corner, but senior midfielder Josie Malave stole the ball and worked it back up the field. North played another ball up the field toward the South goal at the 15-minute mark. Senior center defender Maddie Butera raced alongside the North forward and was able to block the ball until it rolled out of bounds, resulting in a goal kick for South. 

Cribben played the ball to the right of the North goal for junior midfielder Kaitlyn Fierle to cross at the 9-minute mark, but the keeper caught the ball from Fierle’s cross. After the following North goal kick, South took the ball back and junior defender Caitlin Foote moved the ball up to the midfield line and played the ball to Cribben, who was offsides. North then took the resulting free-kick and played it to the top of the South goal box, but Haines cleared the ball before a shot could be made.

Around the 5 minute mark, a North player blatantly grabbed Crowder by her waist, giving Crowder a free-kick. She decided to shoot for a goal, but the ball went just over the top goal post. A minute later the ref blew the whistle for halftime with the score at 1-0 South. 

The second half started off with a bang. North Forsyth took the kick-off, playing the ball back to their defense. Reeves quickly sprinted down the field to pressure the ball. She was able to steal it from the North defense and take a shot on goal, but the keeper caught the ball. 

A few minutes later, Crowder had a free kick on the 20-yard line after a foul by North. She decided to take the shot on goal and the ball went in. Around the 30 minute mark, Crowder had another great play where she passed a through ball for Reeves at the 40-yard line. Reeves sprinted for the ball and then cut it back to cross to Cribben, who received the ball just outside the goal box, shot, and scored. 

Moving forward, the War Eagles continued to amaze the crowd with their newfound confidence and collaboration in the second half. Crowder made another goal at the 28-minute mark, and shortly after, junior forward Peyton Goolsby and senior midfielder Valeria Perez had a beautiful one-two play in front of the goal and Perez shot, but the keeper caught the ball before it entered the net. The next big play started with freshman midfielder Maren Walker. Walker dribbled the ball up to the corner on North’s side and crossed the ball across the goal box to junior midfielder Ella Hanson, who received the ball and took the shot, earning another goal for South.

In the end, the South players’ determination and support of each other in the second half led to the team winning 5-0 against North.

After the victorious ending of the game, Choate commented on the match from her broad view of the field in goal. 

“The game against North was so much fun because we worked as a team and made some great opportunities,” said Choate. “It was tons of fun to see all of us so excited and supportive of each other. The first half was nerve-racking, but our defense was able to cut off their opportunities. I didn’t even really have to worry in the second half because of how well we possessed the ball and dominated.”

South’s impressive performance proved that hard work, perseverance, and never giving up can completely change the outcome of a game or situation. Make sure to cheer on the War Eagles at their next game! Access their schedule here.