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Voting In Process. On November 6th, 2018, Georgians from all parts of the state gather to place their vote for the midterm elections. This election will determine Georgia's new governer, a huge discussion for many citizens in the past few months.

Complacent decision: Adults leave the ballots thinner each year

November 7, 2018

Each year, the turnout of voters for elections falls lower and lower; the 2018 midterm election has not differed from the past. Looking in the past, in 2016, only 6 in 10 eligible voters casted their ballets for the presidential election. While this may not seem like a large number, i...

Young adults can be seen dancing the night away at a local party in Atlanta, in 2009. Bodies clashing and music blasting, accompanied with the fact that the picture is blurry, truly sets the seen for a classic high school party in Georgia.

The Importance of Saying No

October 8, 2018

She stands in the corner, slightly dazed and sweaty. The batch of bodies dancing to a heavy bass, shaking the floor below her, flicker through her senses, and she can barely comprehend the situation, let alone find her way out of it. Right now, it’...

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