A Walk in the Enchanted Forest: SFHS Celebrates Prom 2022


Image used with permission from South Forsyth High School

Prom royalty. Seniors Emory Hilton and Praneet Venigalla smile bright as they proudly wear their crowns. Both seniors were beyond grateful as it marked a special moment in their high school journey.

On Friday, April 15th, SFHS students and their dates dressed in long, shimmering dresses and fitted tuxedos walked through lush greens and fairy lights upon entering the ballroom. South students and guests danced the night away to throwback hits and club pops while they created lasting memories with their friends.

The enchanted river. The prom committee created a magical experience for the prom guests. They adorned the blue river with fairy lights and smoke machines created mist over the water. (Image used with permission from South Forsyth High School)

Once the guests finished their pre-prom activities such as eating dinner and taking pictures, they made their way to this year’s venue, the Hotel at Avalon. As guests entered the building, they came across a photo booth with a green screen and many background options. After checking in at the desks, students traversed a pathway adorned with leafy walls, white flowers, and vintage frames and mirrors – an homage to this year’s theme: “A Night in the Enchanted Forest.” 

Past the large doorways in front of the ballroom, an archway made of artificial white flowers and leaves greeted guests. A gorgeous light fixture immediately captivated many, acting as the statement piece of the event. Its unique shape and glittering beams set the mood for an unforgettable night. To the right of the entrance, guests posed at another photo booth with an enchanting backdrop of vines and flowers. Beside this booth was an artificial waterfall made with turquoise fabrics to create the ethereal look of a flowing river. 

The organizers added holographic plastics on the “river,” as well as fairy lights, flowers, and synthetic rocks brought the landscape to life. Several tables surrounded the expanse of the room, covered with simple, classy white tablecloths adorned with candle centerpieces and more artificial vines. However, the belle of the ballroom was the expansive dance floor in the center of the hall. The DJ had set up base right in front of the area, projecting several multicolored lights into the crowd.

“To me, this was the biggest prom that we’ve had since I [became] class sponsor, as we had almost 900 tickets sold,” said Ms. Landon, SFHS Senior Class Sponsor. “I think my favorite part of prom was when we were putting it all together, especially having all the prom committee there and having their vision come together into one place. This was an event that every kid is able to enjoy in their own way.”

Throughout the night, the guests hopped onto the dance floor and joined the large mass of attendees jumping up and down in front of the DJ booth. Thankfully, prom committee members set up a long table stacked with snacks for guests to refuel their energy. Also, there were refrigerators placed around the ballroom, so guests could quench their thirst and return to the dance floor. 

The best of South. Seniors and juniors on the prom court pose together wearing their sashes in honor of being on the prom court. As they entered the ballroom, students and teachers cheered on this year’s prom royalty, filling the room with love and support.
(Image used with permission from South Forsyth High School)

At the midpoint of the evening, students gathered in the middle of the dance floor for the crowning of prom royalty. Junior Class President David Kim announced the winners of both junior and senior prom court. The junior prom court included the following students: Maggie Craig, Haven Somerson, David Kim, and Brendan Lightsey.

Additionally, the senior prom court included Vienna King, Emory Hilton, Evan Bridges, Bianca Jayaraman, Samuel Davidson, and Praneet Venigalla. 

However, the crowd soon got quiet as they waited for the annual recognition of prom royalty. The dance floor erupted in applause and supportive chants as David Kim revealed seniors Emory Hilton and Praneet Venigalla as this year’s prom rulers. 

“My favorite part of prom was seeing all my friends,” said Venigalla. “It was a very cool experience and I appreciate everybody who voted for me.”

Overall, prom was an unforgettable night for juniors and seniors alike. Filled with dancing, music, and food, the event was almost like a scene out of High School Musical. This year, organizers reverted to pre-COVID arrangements as students basked in a night of normalcy.