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Just google it. Google is an official verb according to the Meriam-Webster dictionary, which isnt surprising considering how often its used on a daily basis. But with a plethora of lawsuits headed their way, the company may not be giving journalists their fair share.

It’s not just a search: the google lawsuits and their effect on journalism

Naisha Roy, Copy Editor October 23, 2020

Google is by far the most popular search engine in the world, followed only by Youtube, which is a subsidiary of Google. With an influence this huge, the parent company of Google has a market value of...

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American Absentee Ballot. Absentee voting is a way Americans can vote for President in the upcoming election on November 3, 2020. The absentee ballot system is beneficial to the American people, especially with COVID-19 as a threat. Trump has said in his press conferences that he will be voting using an absentee ballot.

Why the mass mail-out voting system won’t work

Lucy Moon, Staff Writer October 19, 2020

As election day approaches, Americans have to decide how they’re going to vote this election. The two main options are either going to the voting polls or voting by mail. States are having to deal with...

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Divided we fall. The nation is probably seeing the greatest political divide yet going into the 2020 election. This is making teens more scared than ever to make their voice heard.

Destigmatizing Politics: Why we won’t speak up

Naisha Roy, Copy Editor September 14, 2020

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this piece belong solely to their respective author(s). They do not necessarily represent the opinions of South Forsyth High School or Forsyth County Schools. I’m...

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A community comes together. During the height of the social justice protests of summer, hundreds of people gather at the Forsyth County courthouse to protest. Forsyth County residents felt it absolutely necessary to voice their anger over recent killings of Black people. “It really helped me to feel more understood and valued in the community” said a SFHS student who wants to remain anonymous.

Social Justice in Forsyth County: A conversation with Patrick Phillips, author of Blood at the Root

Carmel Yonas, Opinions Editor & Senior Reporter August 24, 2020

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this piece belong solely to their respective author(s). They do not necessarily represent the opinions of South Forsyth High School or Forsyth County Schools. Over...

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Engaging in learning in an unorthodox climate. The set-up of a online learning looks quite similar to what is shown above. Many students have found themselves taking online summer courses to free up space in their schedule or to be ahead amongst their peers. However this does have its pros and cons as it is still very new and may not be as great as it seems.

Point Counterpoint: Online Summer Courses

Naisha Roy and Minakshi Shivananda May 11, 2020

With course registration drawing to a close, many students pursue the option of taking courses over the summer as a means of getting ahead in coursework. While this method of education can be very beneficial...

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50 percent off. Oftentimes, stores such as Macys hype up their Black Friday sales in order to gain maximum profits. However, sometimes getting half off a product means losing all of a customers integrity and kindness. Image used via Flickr under Creative Commons.

The Dark Side of Black Friday

Naisha Roy, Copy Editor December 4, 2019

The line stretches around the block, groups of people elongating it with every passing second. Shoppers anxiously wait, bundled up in heavy coats and scarves, frosty air making a cloud with every breath....

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A season of thanks. During Thanksgiving, friends and family celebrate the favorite memories and experiences of the year. Despite the American connotation related with Thanksgiving, people from all over the country follow their own conditions.

Celebrating our differences: Thanksgiving Traditions

Maggie Craig, Naisha Roy, and Shree Delwadia November 29, 2019

Thanksgiving or thanks-giving? When people think of the holiday, turkey and stuffing usually take precedence over appreciation. However, the holiday serves a different purpose for every family. While some...

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Netflix at South. Freshman Aribah Tely enjoys her lunch while watching the new Netflix film, Tall Girl. The movie entertains its adolescent audience, but its content is known to be controversial.

To all the Netflix movies I’ve watched before

Maggie Craig and Naisha Roy October 18, 2019

 Netflix is good for many things such as binge watching and post-breakup comfort, but reflecting the accuracy of high schools isn’t one of them. Jocks shoving nerds into lockers, popular kids stuffing...

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Cathedral of Barcelona. The Catholic church is an important part of Spanish culture which is represented by the architecture found in the country. Traveling to different regions allows one to broaden their cultural perspective.

Point counterpoint: Staycation vs. Vacation

Kate Haas and Sadie Rawlings September 27, 2019

As school break approaches, students share their exciting plans. Some students pack up to travel to a new area while others spend their homework free time with friends. Whether staying at home or venturing...

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Spoilers everywhere. In todays society, it is very difficult to completely avoid spoilers and important plot points about Avengers: Endgame. However, there are techniques and methods to ensure a spoiler-free viewing experience.

How to handle Endgame spoilers

Elijah Cho, Opinions Section Editor May 18, 2019

According to IMDb, Avengers: Endgame (often simply referred to as Endgame) is currently the most popular movie out right now and is breaking box office records. It should be no surprise that Endgame is...

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The voices of students. A select couple of students voiced out their opinions and displayed them in words for all to see. All of these opinions vary depending on what they believe to be the most necessary change for their classrooms and education.

Student Opinions: What we wish our teachers knew

Elijah Cho, Opinions Section Editor April 11, 2019

As students enter their morning classrooms sleep-deprived and stressed out, they brace themselves for another routine-filled and tedious day. As they trudge through the hallways of South Forsyth, a burning...

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Photo used with permission via Flickr under Creative Commons

Student Opinions: Harassment in the workplace

Shruthi Mohana Sundaram, Contibuting writer March 1, 2019

“Horseface”. “You never get to the face because the body’s so good”. These comments have been made in political settings in recent years about women. It’s unsurprising, in a land built under...

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