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United States Politics

Joe Biden (left) and Donald Trump (right) are some of the oldest people to be president of the United States. They’re a big part of the discussion about having more young people hold office.
“Joe Biden and Donald Trump”/ Gage Skidmore, Sheelah Craighead / Wikimedia Commons/ CC BY-SA 2.0

Is Age Only a Number in Presidency?

Avani Prabhu, News Editor January 23, 2024

President Joe Biden is 80 years old, the oldest person to ever hold office. Donald Trump held the record before him at 77. With the next presidential election coming up, people are starting to...

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John Fetterman, previously the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, was elected as the states newest Senator on Nov. 9, 2022, in a highly contested Mid-Term Election. Fetterman suffered a stroke in early 2022, but persevered to win the recent election.

Midterms 2022: Stroke Survivor Fetterman Wins Highly Contested Penn. Senate Seat

Sophia Prashanth and Avani Prabhu November 15, 2022

Before Pennsylvania's newly elected Democratic Senator, John Fetterman, was declared winner of a debate against his Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz, some questioned if he would be able to participate...

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Im a Georgia Voter. Georgia polling places provide stickers for voters after voting. These stickers are a sense of pride for many Georgian voters.

Midterms 2022: Georgia Senate Seat Undecided, Voters Brace for Runoff Election

Rathna Malapati, Assistant Clubs Editor November 15, 2022

As of November 9, 2022, Georgia has 98% of its votes in for its Senate election, but none of the candidates have exceeded the 50% threshold necessary to be declared the official winner. Democrat Raphael...

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On January 23, 2012, the anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade, anti-abortion activists and the National Organization of Women protested outside the Supreme Court. The pro-life supporters held up signs against Planned Parenthood, advocating for the Supreme Court to de-fund the organization.

Supreme Court Ruling on Mississippi Law may Overturn Roe v. Wade

Carmel Yonas, Opinions Editor & Senior Reporter January 1, 2021

On Wednesday, December 1, 2021, the U.S Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding a 2018 Mississippi Law which seeks to prohibit abortion after a pregnancy reaches the 15-week mark. Debating a Standard Challengers...

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In our hands. The senate runoff election on the 5th determines who will control our Senate for the next 4 years. The candidates have tirelessly campaigned after the general election in order to win. Paying attention to other elections, like this runoff, gives us more autonomy over our government and that’s a privilege we have as Americans, says senior Luiza Parodia.

For Georgians, the Election is far from over

Naisha Roy, Copy Editor December 21, 2020

With the electoral college giving Biden a decisive victory on the 14th, it seems like one of the longest and most divisive elections in the history of the United States is finally drawing to a close. However,...

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A room full of adoring fans. As Michelle Obama walks on to the stage with a huge smile on her face, she waves to the audience as she walks up to the podium. Former first lady has experience in public speaking and continues to display those skills. Like during this virtual democratic national convention.

Virtual Democratic National Convention starts with Michelle Obama’s inspiring speech

Sayna Kaushik, News Editor September 14, 2020

Michelle Obama gave a compelling speech on the first day of the Democratic National Convention (DNC); on August 17, 2020, from a virtual platform at her home. At the beginning of her speech, Obama emphasized...

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Nancy Pelosi stands up against Trump during an office meeting. Pelosi leads the charge against Trump. The debate is over the Ukraine scandal.

The debate of impeachment

Brantley Jenkins, Columns Editor November 28, 2019

The President is under fire once again. Democrats are attempting to remove President Trump from the White House. Impeachment, the forced removal of the president, seems imminent when viewed from the Democratic...

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Looking into a storm. Pictured are President Trump and his counsel watching the raid unfold. Trump claimed to have been in close touch with the special-op forces, and aims to eliminate Islamic Forces in Syria. He claimed on Twitter, Just confirmed that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s number one replacement has been terminated by American troops. Most likely would have taken the top spot - Now he is also Dead!

Trump Confirms ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Dead

Shreya Mishra, Senior Editor, Online Lead November 3, 2019

On Saturday, October 26th, United States President Donald Trump announced Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi dead in a targeted US Official raid. The operation began with the help of several...

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The command center. The White House is the building where all the important governmental and presidential topics are conversated and decided. The man that wanted to atttack the White House was taken into federal custody based on the severity of his plan.

Student Voices: The Planned Attack on the White House

Shree Delwadia, Editor-In-Chief January 31, 2019

Last week, a man from Cumming, Georgia, was accused of having plans to attack the white house and several other buildings in Washington. Even though no attack was made, 21-year old Hasher Taheb had developed...

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President Trump announced the government shutdown December 27th. Since then, this government shutdown has become the longest one in the history of the United States. The government continues to try to reach a compromise in order to end the shutdown.

Affecting the masses: South Forsyth families and how they deal with the government shutdown

Kate Haas, Senior Editor January 18, 2019

Since December 27th, the United States government has been in a government shutdown, leaving thousands of government employees unpaid but still required to go to work. Employees have now missed two paychecks,...

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Voting In Process. On November 6th, 2018, Georgians from all parts of the state gather to place their vote for the midterm elections. This election will determine Georgias new governer, a huge discussion for many citizens in the past few months.

Complacent decision: Adults leave the ballots thinner each year

Shreya Mishra, Senior Editor, Online Lead November 7, 2018

Each year, the turnout of voters for elections falls lower and lower; the 2018 midterm election has not differed from the past. Looking in the past, in 2016, only 6 in 10 eligible voters casted their...

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