Graduation party on a budget


Photo taken by Jessie Jacobson from Flickr. No changes were made.

Tossing caps in celebration. For seniors, graduation is just around the corner. A graduation party is a popular way to say goodbye to high school friends and celebrate the new phase of life that they are starting.

Alyssa Freyman, Editor-in-chief

Seniors celebrate the end of the school year while basking in the summer sun. They dream about the new part of their lives that is fast approaching: college. The moment soon arrives where their friends and family gather together to congratulate the soon-to-be freshman in college.

A graduation party has become a popular way to celebrate seniors. However, it can become costly and inconvenient for those who are trying to save money for college. Below are some ways to spare expense without sparing appearance and fun.


Cutting costs doesn’t mean you have to cut out the fun. If you follow these tips and find ways to save money, you’ll thank yourself later when buying things for your dorm room.