German club celebrates old Easter tradition


Sophie Ralph

Despite the cold and windy weather, South’s German Club kids set up their Tree of Life between the World Language Mod Pod and West Hall.

Ostereierbaum, also known as an Easter egg tree, is a German tradition where the branches of trees and bushes are decorated with eggs. During Ostereierbaum, children in Germany gather an array of supplies to make beautiful eggs for the seasonal tradition of Easter which celebrates the arrival of spring.

The members invested quite a few hours of blowing out eggs at home and decorating them after school”

— Agnieszka Ergun

A variety of eggs are sprayed with multicolored patterns or are painted with landscape motifs, particularly of cities. Others are covered in crochet which protects them against weathering during the fluctuating spring climate. Children and their parents excitedly hang the decorated eggs on a “tree of life” and prepare for the remainder of spring and the eventual arrival of summer. In countries around the world, the eggs all share the same ancient symbolism for life. 

Despite the cold and windy weather, the South Forsyth German Club students constructed their Tree of Life before leaving for Spring Break. 

“We blew the yoke out of eggs, washed them and then painted them. We would gather before an after school and have a painting party. This is our third year doing it and we’ve collected eggs every year. We’re always making new ones,” junior Ayonica Bhattacharya explained.

The German Club seeks to educate SFHS students about German traditions and their meanings.

“I definitely feel more in touch with the German culture since this is such a prominent activity. I felt like I’m getting more connected to it,” Bhattacharya further commented.

South Forsyth High School teacher, Mrs. Agnieszka Ergun, said “The members invested quite a few hours of blowing out eggs at home and decorating them after school to celebrate the renewal of life, following an ancient Chinese tradition that was later adopted by Germans to celebrate.” 

South Forsyth High School students can celebrate this Easter tradition with the German club by taking time to enjoy South’s Tree of Life which is situated between the World Language Mod Pod and West Hall.