Three Stars and a Sun

Maggie Craig, Editor-In-Chief

Three stars and a sun. I asked my dad what it meant one day

As the flag swung back and forth 

From the rearview mirror. 

“It represents us, Anak,” he said, “you and your brothers

Are the stars bringing warmth and light

And strength to the sun in the middle.”

“Who’s the sun?” I asked, pointing to the symbol at the center.

“The sun is your mom and me.

The stars provide our center of gravity, 

And we provide guidance and direction for the stars.”

Now, whenever I see the flag I see

My brothers and I, pointing in different directions yet balancing each other.

I see my parents, the locus we gravitate towards. 

The home we will always return to.

Three stars and a sun, the flag of our people. The flag of us.