FBLA President Tharini R.K. Shares what it takes to be an officer


Carla Yonk

Representing our school. South Forsyth students pose for a photo in their official FBLA business attire. Most students pictured are FBLA Officers, or involved FBLA members looking to become officers. Adviser Carla Yonk captured this image soon after the Fall Leadership Conference, held at the Classic Center in Athens, GA.

Shreya Mishra, Senior Editor, Online Lead

South Forsyth’s FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) chapter is a highly reputable CTAE Pathway organization, known for its several state and national championships. Alongside winning FBLA competitive events, FBLA officers and advisers tirelessly work towards winning the Georgia Chapter of the Year at the State Leadership Conference. FBLA Advisers elect the president each year for his/her excellence in a chosen pathway, hardworking spirit, and leadership skills. This year’s president is Junior Tharini Ramakrishnan Kavitha (R.K.), and she plans to continue the prestige of the club with the unity of her officer team.

Tharini spoke about what it takes to become an officer, as well as how it feels to juggle academic responsibilities with the role of president.

Q: Where did you begin your FBLA Journey? Did you feel an immediate affinity to the club, or was it something that built up over time?

A: I began my FBLA journey in 6th grade at South Forsyth Middle School with my former adviser, Ms.Farley. I had absolutely no interest in joining the club, but my mom and my adviser were insistent on me joining. It was a hectic year, especially because it was the first year that FBLA had been started up at my middle school. I competed and wasn’t very active, but after attending the State Leadership Conference, I was intrigued by watching the presentations that the older students gave and seeing the passion that they had in spreading business and leadership skills to students. 

Q: When did you know that becoming the President was something you wanted to do?

A: The President’s position is just a title, in my opinion. I have not put my time into the organization in the hopes that I will receive a position. Every student and member is a leader, and the officers are there to help guide them in improving their leadership skills. Being an officer is something I strive for because I want to reach out to as many members as possible and help them understand the endless opportunities present in FBLA. 

Q: Was becoming President a big goal for you? If so, how did it feel when you achieved this feat?

A: Becoming President was an unexpected result. However, I did understand that my role as a senior officer was crucial to the success of the chapter as a whole, and I have a huge responsibility in helping the advisers, officers, and members achieve their fullest potential in FBLA. 

Q: So far, how has it been? What are some of the differences you’ve felt in responsibility compared to your position last year? 

A: It has been a crazy ride for sure! It is a huge difference from last year as I am learning to delegate work rather than perform all the tasks by myself, in comparison to last year where I would be completing tasks for other officers. It is quite a demanding role and requires you to dedicate more time to the organization, but I thoroughly enjoy working with my officers and getting to know my members better. 

Q: What would you say to those who are shooting for higher leadership positions in competitive school clubs like FBLA?

A: Do not assume that competing and winning an event is enough to get you a position. Yes, it plays a role, but it is not the only factor when it comes to deciding on officer positions. FBLA, or any other organization, wants to see your involvement in the activities that the organization is providing to its members. Take advantage of all the workshop sessions and take time to give back to the community. It is not an easy road to becoming an officer, but it is highly rewarding.

Tharini hopes to achieve several new and renowned accolades at the State and National Leadership Conferences with the contributions of her leadership team and adviser, and the entirety of the hardworking FBLA members.