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Alleviating stress or causing more?

AP and IB students no longer have to take EOC

December 18, 2019

The Georgia Board of Education recently approved the State’s School Superintendent Richard Wood’s advisement to no longer require AP (Advanced Placement) and IB (International Baccalaureate) students to take EOC (End of Course) assessments, granted...

The diploma. Throughout high school, students work extremely diligently to ensure their success in the future. Through CTAE Pathways, students have the opportunity to personalize their learning and sneak a preview of what their future diploma might consist of.

CTAE graduation rate increases over 14% this year

December 4, 2019

The Georgia Department of Education, GADOE, strives for its students' excellence in the upcoming future. Students throughout the state have the opportunity to participate in over 100 Career and Technical Education (CTAE) Pathways which prepare them for...

The Amazon Rainforest has been burning down since August, causing serious deforestation. Government officials have been hard at work, attempting to find an effective solution to bringing an end to these fires.

Amazon Rainforest In Jeopardy

September 17, 2019

The Amazon Rainforest was set ablaze August 22nd due to irresponsible farmers using slash and burn techniques. Organizations and the Brazilian government have been investing millions into attempting to bring an end to the catastrophic damage of th...

Daydreaming, Lower levels of sleep can be detrimental to a teen's emotional, cognitive, and physical health - brain activity is proven to lessen with less sleep. Students have often bragged about how little sleep they received the night before, often times without knowing the dangerous effects.

Don’t sleep on this: How sleep levels impact the lives of teens

May 16, 2019

Students crowd the halls, mindlessly wandering. Heavy eyelids and intermittent yawns remind them of their once cozy beds. The morning bell alerts them, slightly waking up their systems as they shuffle along to their classes, comparable to a hoard of zombies....

Participating in internet courses. Students are swarming to take online courses. Online classes help you create flexibility in your schedule or help get pre-requirements for other courses.

Technological takeover: the rise of online classes

April 23, 2019

Students spend each and every day wishing for the time that they can get out of school and go home. Most people sit in their classes, listening to the teacher lecture for hours on end. But what if there could be a change? What if students could go to a ...

The voices of students. A select couple of students voiced out their opinions and displayed them in words for all to see. All of these opinions vary depending on what they believe to be the most necessary change for their classrooms and education.

Student Opinions: What we wish our teachers knew

April 11, 2019

As students enter their morning classrooms sleep-deprived and stressed out, they brace themselves for another routine-filled and tedious day. As they trudge through the hallways of South Forsyth, a burning question tends to come to mind. If a chance was...

The beginning of something new. South is excited to have a new medical pathway to enrich the level of education for the students interested in the areas within medicine. South offers this pathway to 9th to 12th grade students.

South’s Healthcare Options: A new medical pathway

March 28, 2019

Everyone has his or her own plan or route they follow in order to accomplish their dreams. Whether that dream is to become a teacher, a pilot, or a doctor; South Forsyth High School is ready to help pursue those dreams and make them into a reality. S...

Learning vocabulary online. In the extra time students have in their classrooms, students are able to have time for perhaps a 10 minute session on Membean. Students are required to work on Membean for a certain amount of time depending on the student's literature teacher.

Membean in the classroom

March 27, 2019

Arbitrary. Gratification. Impoverished. Many words like these can be found zooming across computer screens in every literature classroom in South Forsyth. After ten or fifteen minutes, students put away their devices and proceed to go about their lessons...

Using the hand, not the head. Cheating is just cutting corners, students need to find better methods to prepare themselves for the future. Students who cheated through high school have found that their lack of retained information is detrimental to how their lives will play out after high school.

Trends in academic dishonesty at South Forsyth High School

March 1, 2019

It’s been a long, rough year for just about any student who has to multitask their lives. Jobs, family, extracurriculars, and preparing for colleges all alongside having to worry about grades in classes are some of the stressors students can face on ...

Don't crack under pressure. Students strive to give the best care for their egg babies to give them the best childhood. They scramble to get every part of the project done. Neomi Mendoza, a junior, replied,

Cracking parenting: AP Psych students raise “egg” babies

February 8, 2019

225 babies are born each minute; in this case, however, it’s the AP Psych kids’ baby eggs. As they carefully prepare each egg, students tenderly carry colorful boxes and tins filled with fabric and stuffing. They cradle their precious eggs--even the s...

Mock Trial Group Photo. The Mock Trial Team gathers together for a group picture at the Georgia High School Mock Trial Competition last year. Although some members have moved to Denmark High School, the Mock Trial Team has gathered new members and are improving every day for their new case.

Featured Club: Mock Trial Competition

December 19, 2018

Court is now in session as the South Forsyth Mock Trial Team prepare their testimonies and arguments for the annual court case and competition. The South Forsyth Mock Trial Team represents a class of public speakers and students with a different minds...

Common tools. The table saw is patiently awaiting to be used by many eager students ready to work on their projects.

Understanding the differences of Manufacturing and Engineering

December 5, 2018

South offers many pathways, including ones for students who prefer to be more hands-on with their projects, like manufacturing and engineering. While engineering and manufacturing have many similarities, they each help prepare students for separate r...

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