Featured Club: The Black Student Union at SFHS


Dione Geiling

President Bryan Walker. All smiles discussing the club he runs, Black Student Association. This senior at South is very passionate about his ideas and hopes that this club is benefiting all in the school.

The Black Student Union (BSU) at South Forsyth represents the African American minority group at SFHS. President Bryan Walker aims to “…establish the acceptance between each community” for the years to come.

BSU was created in 2016 by a student who wanted to increase awareness and interaction for African American communities. The founder, a past graduate of SFHS, noticed the lack of connection African Americans had with each other. 

The club is open to anyone and everyone who wants to discuss their experiences or perspectives of race. The purpose of its meetings is to increase the communication between the diverse races of South Forsyth. BSU discusses current event issues, confers about topics such as representation and religion, and convenes joint meetings with other minority clubs at SFHS such as the Muslim Student Association (MSA). They also conduct other activities such as Black Jeopardy and Instructional Flex (IF) meetings that run “Let’s Talk Politics” [allows youth to examine politics]. Members of the club also participate in community service projects which allow them to help underprivileged black communities outside of school. 

BSU’s overall goal is to spread awareness in the black community and “help everyone become more empathetic towards other groups and not see each other as this race versus race,” said Walker. “Our goal is to help make people more aware of race.”