585 Cafe


Grace Drawdy

Chilling in the cafe. The culinary students work so hard to make the cafe an enjoyable experience for everyone. The Chef dedicated a lot of time to the cafe and making it as professional as possible. “I work with Chef, and I know she puts a lot of effort into the programs, so I hope people love [the cafe] as much as she does,” says junior Dawn Tomasko.

    Along with the addition of FlexTime during the student’s school time, the culinary pathway opened up an all-new coffee shop: The 585 Cafe. The 585 Cafe is South’s on-campus “Starbucks” that provides a place for students to stay on the school campus to buy in-house made coffee and snacks created by their classmates in the culinary pathway. The cafe is open in the mornings and during FlexTime. Additionally, the cafe serves as a meeting room for special events such as coffee with the counselors and conferences with the administrators. This is a great way for the culinary students to get experience in their pathway, and serve other students in the SOFO community. The cafe serves many different types of items, ranging from hot or iced coffee, bagels, waffles, and even chocolate chip pumpkin bread.

“I loved the food.” Mr. Fernandez says, “The atmosphere is great; students are professional and engaging.

The atmosphere was reported to be very cozy, calm and almost “Starbucks-like.” Senior Jacob Frias reports, “[It’s] very peaceful and a great space for talking to your friends.” The culinary students worked very hard to make this dream a reality. Schedule a table today and support our culinary students!