Throwing it back with decades


Kayleigh Emberton

Friday Night Lights. After a day bringing back the old souls, South students gathered together to support and watch their very own football team begin their season with a scrimmage against Sequoyah. The day was memorable, full of excitement, and packed with school spirit.

Sierra Wamsley and Maggie Craig

Friday, August 16, students and faculty of South Forsyth threw-it-back to the old days for the first spirit day of the year. Students and teachers alike sported fits from different eras to present their excitement about the evening’s football scrimmage.

South Forsyth encourages their students and staff to show up in spirit gear each Friday to support the SFHS Varsity football team. The theme for the scrimmage was decade day. Students and faculty showcased their 20th century looks to kick off this first scrimmage of the season against Sequoyah High School.  

“I was inspired by the hippies in the 60’s to dress from that decade,” Senior Callie Wallace recalls, “I dressed up by myself but I ended up choosing the same decade as two of my friends. We wore the exact same look. I own a lot of tie-dye shirts so I decided to wear those.”

Photo used with permission from Sara Dunn
Day full of color. Seniors Sara Dunn and Lily Bryson showed off their tie-dye shirts with Junior Avery Svehla on South’s decade spirit day. “I was inspired by the 60’s,” Sara Dunn explained, “I just love the hippies with the free spirit that they had going on.”

Many students dressed up from the 50’s, 60’s and 80’s along with a few from the 70’s and 90’s. These themes continue past the school day and into the evening game.

“The themes really help inspire people and help them go and have a good time at all the games and sports events,” Senior Sara Dunn explains, “There were a ton more people there this year compared to past years. A whole section was filled, even though it was far away.”

As the sun set across the sky that evening, crowds larger than ever built up in the stands of Sequoyah. After hours of being dressed from a past era, students cheered from the bleachers as South started off on the receiving end of the kick. 

With 3:17 seconds left in the first quarter, Devin McGlockton had scored the first touchdown of the game leading South ahead 7-0. 

In the second quarter, Sequoyah Chiefs fired a long pass down the field, working toward a successful touchdown and field goal. The game was tied, 7-7, and South on offense with 7:06 left in the first half. 

After going back and forth, Durham passes to McGlockton who scores the second touchdown for War Eagles pulling South ahead 14-7.  Unfortunately for South, the Chiefs again follow the Eagles into the end zone scoring another touchdown. At the end of the half, South was up 21-14 thanks to Colby Cruz.

The ball bounces between the two teams until Uidel scored another touchdown in the final four minutes of the game, increasing the lead for South by another seven points. Alex Han scores the final touchdown of the scrimmage only minutes later leading the team to victory with a final score of 35-14.

Junior football player, who led the team to their first touchdown, Devin McGlockton said, “The crowd was bigger than any crowd we had last year. Having everyone there I know helped boost my confidence as well as the rest of the team.  It was way bigger of a crowd than the scrimmage from last year. I am so excited for the upcoming games.” 

With a Scrimmage down and hours of practice under their belt, the War Eagles are prepared for their first home game against Sprayberry this Friday at 7:30pm.

McGlockton feels that “we [the football team]can go undefeated at least until the big tournament. We have a really good chance to do so. I can’t wait to get the ‘W’ in the upcoming games.”