South Forsyth goes bass fishing with Scott Morlanne


Michael Landreneau (left) and Brett Morlanne (right) were photographed after winning 3rd place in the qualifiers for nationals. Nationals will take place in June on Lake Pickwick in Alabama.

Lauren Holiday, News Editor

The South Forsyth Bass Fishing club is one of the new additions available to outdoor sports enthusiasts. This club originated from North Forsyth High School and was sponsored by Scott Beard seven to eight years ago. Now, all high schools in the county have at least one team, while South Forsyth has three teams. On each team there are just two anglers per boat. There are three boats and six anglers on the South Forsyth team.

This club centralizes its efforts on tournaments at statewide competitions and world championships. These tournaments are sponsored by the World Federation of Fishing and the Student Angler Federation. Each competition is hosted at a different location which requires the club to make overnight trips in order to participate.

“We just go out a day, a few days before, and see what we’re dealing with,” sophomore Michael Landreneau said. 

The purpose for this proactive approach is to provide anglers with an opportunity to get a feel for the area and fishing conditions. Each location has its own set of characteristics that makes it unique and unlike other places. These competitions help anglers recognize these differences and reinforce the importance of the strategies which they have developed.

“They really enjoy it, they know so much about fishing…It’s a science, fishing,” Assistant Principal and bass fishing club coach Scott Morlanne said, “They understand water conditions, they know the temperatures of the water, they know what fish are doing in these temperatures, they know how to go after certain fish in certain situations.” 

On Friday, March 9th, one team of anglers achieved 3rd place at the qualifying competition for Nationals in Lake Hartwell, which is located on the Georgia-South Carolina border. Brett Morlanne and Michael Landreneau were congratulated by the team for their victory. Now the club is aiming to secure spaces for their other two teams at nationals. To be considered for nationals, the remaining two teams will need to chase down tournaments around the country. All states host a variety of tournaments and the National tournament will take place in Lake Pickwick, Alabama. 

Winners of the National tournament will win 50,000 scholarships to any school of their choice. These winners will progress to the World Championships where they are eligible to win $100,000.

“It’s like any professional sport, there’s those at the top of their profession who make millions of dollars and have all these sponsors,” Mr. Morlanne said, “For a good number it’s very rewarding, lucrative, and [participants can] support themselves and their family; it’s not for everyone though, those who are lucky can make a career.”

Brett Morlanne and Michael Landreneau are not a permanent team. Brett Morlanne filled in for Jake Sibbit because he could not attend the qualifier competition as Michael Landreneau’s partner. Morlanne’s usual partner is Jackson Benefield, who is an active member of this club. 

“Well, my friend [Jackson Benefield] and I just wanted to start fishing tournaments together, and my dad is an administrator here, so he helped me start it. And since then, we got a couple more people to join.” sophomore Brett Morlanne said.

This club is a wonderful opportunity for those who enjoy the outdoors and connect with others who share a similar passion. As an ever expanding club, they are still welcoming new members. Those who may be interested should contact Patrick Stewart or meet with members of the bass fishing club to find out how to join and participate.