Student athlete, Luis Gonzalez, has high hopes for the future


Kayleigh Emberton

Student athlete, Luis Gonzalez, is posing outside of his math class. The diligent student wonders of his life after high school.

Kayleigh Emberton , Senior Editor

South Forsyth’s Wrestling team is staffed by many impressive athletes. However, one of these students stands out from among the rest. Luis Gonzalez is a SFHS wrestler who is pushing the sport’s boundaries and competing so that he can accomplish his goals.

Many athletes are raised playing a single sport. They train and improve from a very young age while striving for greatness. This is no different from Luis’s story whose interest in the sport began in fourth grade when he became interested in WWE wrestling. When flyers for the West Forsyth wrestling club were released, he signed up immediately. Intrigued by the unique characteristics and independence of the sport, he persevered while also playing for  South’s football team and participating in Jiu-Jitsu.

Currently this season, Luis has an 35-10 record and Coach Stephens, South’s head wrestling coach, recognized Luis as a wrestler that would have a great season.

To keep preforming well in both school and sports Luis said that, “Doing the little things right is something that I learned from wrestling that has really helped me in school. In wrestling, the smallest mistake can hurt you, school is like that too. You have to stay on top of it.”

Luis is a great athlete, but he is also a great student. He takes three AP classes and has academic strengths in social studies. As a junior, Luis has started to look at colleges. Depending on how well he performs in the state tournament, he plans to look into wrestling scholarships. Right now however, he is considering Georgia State University or Mercer University in hopes of pursuing a law degree. Luis is just like any other guy who enjoys playing video games and hanging out with his friends, but on the wrestling mats and in the classroom, his talents are anything but average.