Naisha Roy, Copy Editor

I know that we only live tonight
And sure, maybe tomorrow is a maybe
A theoretical hypothetical possibility
But is it too much to ask to fight

You say you’ve given up
Not because it’s hard
because a reason to try won’t make itself apparent
You’re too aloof for care, too caught up for love

As the smoke fills up your tired nose
And you gulp the bitter nectar like water
Only exacerbating your thirst
-Just know-
This wasn’t the life you were handed. It was the life you chose.

And sure, you may be a cog in a well-oiled machine
But at what cost?
Cutting corners and stumbling to the top
Blinded by money just to be seen

Maybe I’m naive
And sleeping your way up there
(combined with the other 6 sins,
like you had some sort of Hades-approved bucket list)
Is truly the way to success
But that’s not the lie I want to believe

Four leaf clovers and gold plated horseshoes
May have gotten you this far
But the day you drink
the last drop
the last smoke
for the last time
at midnight
Morning-afters will forever be your worst nightmare.