South Spirit at the Stadium


Shree Delwadia

Welcoming the War Eagle nation. South Forsyth introduces the spirit at SFHS through a school-wide pep rally. Students were excited to meet the rest of their peers and participate in a variety of activities.

Humid air cascaded upon the bleachers of the South Forsyth High School (SFHS) stadium, surrounding the staff and the student body with warmth. The freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors all stared out into the field with awestruck faces, clutching the edge of their seats. This was the first pep rally since the pandemic, and all students, new and old, were eager to experience school spirit at its fullest potential. 

A crowd of new faces. (Pictured from left to right) Aastha Mishra, Jadyn Torow, Phylicia Thompson smile for the camera as they continue to enjoy the Pep Rally on the first day of school. Students participated with others within their class to showcase their school spirit. (Maggie Craig)

On Friday, August 6th, students and faculty gathered in the stadium to kick off the 2021-2022 school year. The pep rally consisted of various activities throughout the day to engage the students and welcome them once again into the War Eagle family. 

Throughout the pep rally, students showcased an abundance of school spirit by participating in fun activities such as the relay race, scavenger hunt, TikTok showdown, and a wonderful performance from the school’s cheerleaders.

The students and faculty also cheered on all the fall sports teams as they introduced themselves and their plans for the rest of the fall athletic season. Soon after, senior athletes partnered with sports coaches to get ready for a relay race. Teams of 3 to 4 individuals worked together as the crowd of students in the stadium cheered on their fellow peers. Each team member circled a baseball bat, ran to the other side of the field, and attempted to eat a donut off a string without using their hands. While the competition was fierce, Coach Kassie Smith and her team claimed the winning title.

The start of a new year. Crowds of eager students await the start of a grade-level scavenger hunt. Class leaders of each grade quickly ran throughout the stands to find each item for the scavenger hunt to earn the winning title. (Sayna Kaushik)

Additionally, student leaders also introduced a new and exciting movement at SFHS known as Whisper. The purpose of this movement is to foster meaningful relationships within the student body, especially since many students are coming from a virtual school setting. In the future, the Whisper leadership team hopes to create school-wide events to help build new friendships and encourage conversation throughout the school.

Another exciting highlight of the day was the scavenger hunt, where students worked as a team in their respective grade levels and competed against each other to win a delicious prize. Each grade level continued to support their volunteers as they worked to collect the various items such as a water bottle, college wear, and more! The junior class won the scavenger hunt, earning not only the champion title but also being recognized as having the most school spirit!

To add to the fun, students and teachers teamed up to participate in a competitive TikTok Dance showdown. Certain students from each grade level came up with a fun and trendy TikTok dance and performed it in front of the student body. 

Tiktok Showdown. Seniors from SFHS work together to perform ''Levitating'' by Dua Lipa. The performance included flips, the worm, and other popular moves making their rounds on the app.


Ultimately, South Forsyth started the 2021-2022 school year with an event full of energy, school spirit, and reminders that the school could remain South strong despite adversity. Even in the blazing heat, the entire student body came together to celebrate the school and all of its wonderful teachers and athletes. In the end, the pep rally truly showed South Forsyth how to give a huge War Eagle welcome.