Shani Lam · March 19th, 2021

Shani Lam, Contributing Poet

Do they ever want to live a mortal life?
Worrying about being sick and ill
And becoming part of the aging process?
Poseidon drinking water from the nearby fountain
rather than nectars from divine cups
to quench his thirst.
Demeter listening to the daily news in the Flower Boutique
while creating bouquets and arrangements.

Even Persephone, on break from playing video games,
takes a stroll through the streets at night,
to hunt for food and groceries.
Maybe they become exhausted
from the living in Pandora’s box,
all of the miseries.
Or weary about greed, envy, hatred, pain,
disease, hunger, poverty, war, and death
that devours them alive

For mortals, it was just like any other days
in their little world
Working during the day
and sleeping during the night

Mixed with mortal and immortal blood
Hercules became completely immortal by
achieving twelve assigned tasks.
Wouldn’t you, if you could?
Step out of Mt. Olympus,
to have a New Year celebration
Sipping wine and playing with fireworks.
Your life from up there to down here
Wouldn’t you, if you could, live a mortal life?