A passion for healthcare transforms into service for the community


Shree Delwadia

(Pictured above from left to right: Siya Kumar, Krithika Kasireddy, Rasagna Vuppala, Swetha Pendela, and Shree Delwadia). Serving the community. Juniors at South Forsyth High School aid individuals in their school and community through aspects of healthcare. They started their service projects in early August of last year.

Shree Delwadia, Editor-In-Chief

Earlier this school year, a group of HOSA- Future Health Professionals members at South Forsyth High School started a journey serving their community through healthcare. Juniors Krithika Kasireddy, Siya Kumar, Swetha Pendela, and Rasagna Vuppala partnered with MRC GEM, the local Medical Reserve Corps chapter, to further their mission and expand connections between SFHS HOSA and the community. HOSA is an organization dedicated to empowering students within the field of medicine through conferences, workshops, and competitions, and the MRC Partnership event is an important example of the kids of competitions HOSA offers. This event connects the group of students above to their local Medical Reserve Corps Unit. 

“My hope is that our partnership in creating unique events not only helps us grow as a team but also helps us benefit the community,” said Pendela. “The entire purpose of MRC GEM is to educate and serve the community and that is what we are trying to accomplish as much as possible during these unforeseen times.”

Our stated mission is to augment existing community health operations during large-scale emergencies, aid in response to pressing health care needs, and improve community emergency preparedness.


Volunteers from all over the community strive to fulfill the public health needs of individuals around them, which focuses on the MRC GEM mission statement.  Especially during the time of the pandemic, the MRC is working to combat the challenges many individuals are facing by spreading awareness about effective and necessary safety measures. MRC GEM is also aiding in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to qualified individuals; however, volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. Although they were not able to participate in those events, the juniors decided on other ways to positively impact the community and their peers. They hope to transform their passion for healthcare and helping others toward their events in MRC Partnership. 

Ultimately, the group of juniors served as a liaison between MRC GEM and the community, working to implement their goals within their own service opportunities. While there were many challenges along the way due to the safety guidelines of the pandemic, the group was able to overcome their obstacles and still participate in over 400 hours worth of service opportunities that benefited individuals such as the local first responders, young children, and nearby teachers. They strived to make sure each of their opportunities served a meaningful purpose for their audience. For example, each Sunday in January, this group hosted virtual webinars that addressed topics such as the dangers of vaping and nicotine addictions. Each webinar (which took place on Microsoft Teams) also included an interactive activity that fostered feelings of comfort and communication within the virtual setting. 

Over the course of the school year, these students have been closely working with their MRC youth coordinator, Mr. Jarron Okine, to develop a variety of events that impact individuals of all ages and backgrounds. As part of their competition, each event had to relate to one of their seven categories, some of which included strengthening public health, serving a vulnerable population, developing or strengthening the HOSA/MRC Partnership, or supporting an emergency response. The group designed various service activities to not only target elementary schoolers (through creating a handwashing song for students at Daves Creek Elementary) but also target high school students at SFHS through the creation of a First Aid Kit Drive (pictured in the slideshow below). This drive involved a large number of clubs at South and resulted in the creation of over 55 first aid kits for young children in the community.

“My teammates and the group activities created gave me so much joy,” said Kasireddy. “We all have great skills and each of us brings something different, yet important, to this group. I hope that our events inspire others to partake in activities that give back to the community.” 

With a large number of service hours, there were a variety of events that the MRC group participated in. Scroll through the timeline below to catch a glimpse of some of the service opportunities they initiated to further their personal service goals and the mission of MRC GEM within our school and the community.