The connection between Covid 19 and the flu


Chris Bunker

Flu season. A wide eyed teacher nervous to get a flu shot. A CVS pharmacist there to give the shot. Forsyth county supporting flu shots and to keep there community safe.

As the 2020 school year is up and running, many students are attending school amongst the COVID-19 global pandemic. Now, as the flu season rolls in, many ponder over what is best for their family as the “twindemic” is almost upon us. The word Twindemic highlights a severe threat of a flu outbreak alongside COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has advised many families to get the flu vaccine to prevent further strain on healthcare workers. As a result, the CDC hopes that individuals who take preventative measures will reduce the number of people who have the flu.

With information being released daily about the pandemic, many individuals are worried about the effect of the virus as the country enters the flu season. While the flu has turned into a perennial issue, this year it has become a hot national topic within the United States.

South Forsyth High School, along with other Forsyth County Schools, are finding different ways to protect their students and staff. The school nurses within the county are presenting multiple techniques to students in order to prevent outbreaks within the school.

For example, Forsyth County Schools had a free Flu Shot Clinic. for individuals of the ages 4-18. FCS held the drive on Thursday, October 22, 2020, from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm at Browns Bridge Church.

Furthermore, we interviewed South Forsyth’s school nurse, Mrs. Ceniceros, to gain an insight into how the school will go about the twindemic and the flu vaccine.

The nurse is the key component to a school this year more than any other year. Mrs. Ceniceros is the school nurse of SFHS who is working diligently during these trying times. All the teachers and students within the school greatly appreciate her contributions and efforts in keeping the school safe.

“My role is to keep as many kids safely in classes,” Mrs. Ceniceros stated. “What I mean safely is to identify kids who may have the Coronavirus and keep them out of the classroom as possible.”

Students and teachers are discovering the best way to keep themselves safe. Citizens of Forsyth County are protecting themselves by wearing their masks, washing hands, and standing 6 feet apart.

Students and teachers shouldn’t get complacent about the things we are already doing. Just to continue to wear your mask, stay some distance away from others[…]”

— Mrs. Ceniceros

Many doctors have been urging families to get the flu shot. “With us having COVID-19 and the flu, the results could be catastrophic unless patients get the flu vaccine,” Dr. Frita Fisher said. Mrs. Ceniceros also advised that students and teachers get their flu shots. Yet, our nation is quite divided on people who are against or for vaccines.

“…11% of U.S. adults believe vaccines are “more dangerous than the diseases they prevent,” while 10% think vaccines cause autism and 46% weren’t sure – a claim that, despite being repeatedly debunked, is at the center of the anti-vaccine movement,” says US News staff writer Gabby Galvin”

Other than just eliminating more respiratory problems, the flu vaccine has many benefits. The vaccine reduces the risk of people with chronic illness to catch the flu. Additionally, the flu vaccine has been able to show lower rates of certain cardiac events and even prevent possible hospitalization due to any chronic lung disease.

For parents wondering how to keep their children safe during the twindemic, a study shows that a vaccine reduces the risk of a child dying. A CDC study article find states, “CDC study published today in Pediatrics is the first of its kind to show that flu vaccination significantly reduced a child’s risk of dying from influenza.” This study took data from the 2010 and 2014 flu season and displayed how the vaccines cut flu-related deaths in half.

Though the flu shot has many benefits, it has not shown to be 100% effective from getting the flu let alone COVID 19. However, it does ensure a sense of safety for families. Forsyth county expanded its horizon when it comes to protecting its students and teachers. To assist the community, Forsyth County has opened countless flu shot drives.